Erin G

The Ideal Associate


Retail Sales Representative


Camden, NJ

Education Level:

Trade School

Will Relocate:



High quality leadership and reliability. Hard working, efficient, and exceeds expectations.




In 2002 I was in the top 5% in sales for six months and holding in over 85 stores for a jewelry store. In 2003 I went through a six month manager in training for program for a company called Anchor Blue. Also in 2003 I sold my way to be the fastest associate to ever sell his way to a managment position for a company called Journeys shoes, in just two weeks. Also in 2003 I carried a location for Aeropostale to be the number one store in the district in sales. In 2004, just under 2 months, I sold myself from a telemarketer to a loan officer position with a company called Nations Mortgage. After, I was recruited from Las Vegas to Redding, CA to be telemarketer for a company called Consolidated Realty. In 2005 I carried a small internet business, in offroad equipment, in sales for three months. In 2006 I managed a sales team of 20 for a company called Famous Footwear. When I went to work for walmart, in just three months, I worked my way from 7/hr to 10.50/hr.

Companies I like:

Costco, sams club, winco, home depot


CollapseJob Skills



Processed numerous departments in a timely matter. Lead a team of 20+ associates as one of the top associates.