Wesley R

Programmer/Analyst, cobol, micro focus cobol, netexpress, animator, unix, sqlplus, PowerHouse QUIZ. Team worker, new development, updates, legacy enhancements, maintenance. user test, data queries, user reports


Computer Programmer


Wilmington, DE

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For your consideration, a challenge met and for some to overcome; I have disability that renders my legs useless for running, walking or standing I am not handicapped by this disability. I use a motorized powerchair, which offers me responsive mobility while comfortably seated. This splendid solution clears the way free to be of service and to pursue my life like any ordinary soul. Just a further note before proceeding: Though I am disabled and travel via wheelchair, I carry my own health and medical insurance. I use a keyboard to operate a computer like anyone else. While disabled I successfully coordinated and managed over 30 programmers as Lead programmer and Project Manager for a company-wide Y2K project. The project was compliantly completed months ahead of schedule. You will not be handicapped by my disability. A valued, Experienced Programmer/Analyst and Team Advocate, I have Technical and transferable abilities in software and database query analysis and development as well as program, screen, and process development and documentation. I readily learn, adjust, adapt, incorporate and welcome any new processing or technological opportunity as it relates to your endeavor and platform. I am a detail-oriented resource with a quality-driven work ethic geared toward company growth by aggressively building from within a progressive IT group; a situation where my skills will contribute to the success of that company. I look for Quality service and product integrity that is also company developed, produced, maintained and supported. This has been my experience. One other personal tenet to which I hold dearly is to continue to be a contributing member of a systems department within a company that is customer oriented, dedicated in its continued quality seeking efforts and innovations by regularly re-examining and improving its critical processing, and finally, a company that encourages each employee's involvement. I welcome this 'quality seeking' dynamic in the essential evolution of the revolving relationships between customer, mission and bottom line. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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AIG Marketing, Inc. (Confidential) 2/1994 - 10/2006
CNA Financial Corporation, Inc. (Confidential) 9/1988 - 12/1994



DePaul University Computer Programming 1988 Specialist Degree
University of Delaware Elementary Education 1977 Bachelor Degree



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* Developed and provided enhanced user ad hoc and user interactive queries and formatted reports to enable company user groups and model office testers to verify system integrity and compliance. * Using Oracle SQL, SQLPlus, PowerHouse Quiz. Y2K Systems Project Lead (1998 to 2002). * Operated in Management role and lead programmer to secure the company-wide goal of Y2K Systems compliance. * This achievement enabled the company (AIGM) to excel in business through and beyond the millennium "wall" of Y2K. * Using Micro Focus COBOL. * Reported Y2K status directly to AIGM Systems Manager, Systems Director and to company (AIG New York) Headquarters. * Maintained Systems' Y2K compliance during the project timeline. * Delivered a Y2K compliant Systems ahead of schedule. * Completed the entire Company Y2K project ahead of schedule. * Using Micro Focus COBOL. * Maintained user interfaces and data handling by completing requested system revisions and enhancements and eliminating critical production errors and inaccuracies with root cause solutions. * Using Micro Focus COBOL.