Michele W

Corporate Hospitality Facilities Director


Room Director


Constantine, MI

Education Level:

High School/GED

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I have never known, much less worked aside, anyone more dedicated than I. I also understand that not everyone shares my passion and I do not hold anything against them for that. I have been accused of being a "Workaholic" however I look at myself as someone who enjoys what I do and I'm extremely dedicated to making the product I am responsible for the very BEST it can be! I'm also very passionate and if there is something I feel is worth fighting for to better the establishment in some way, I will fight for it. I have won some and lost some. I have proven myself in the things I have fought for and won and I've accepted the loss for those things I've not been able to get approved. On many occassions I have been called upon for my creativity, strategic planning and opinions on important design and operational situations. All of which have had positive outcomes. I have adapted to many changes from computer systems to operational plans to changes in upper management personnel causing me to have to adapt to different Managerial styles. I place a high importance on pleasing the person(s) I directly answer to.


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 8/2004 - Present



Heritage High School Diploma 1981 High School/GED Degree



I owned & operated a small oceanfront motel in Cannon Beach, Oregon, which enabled me to hone my hospitality skills in all areas. I involved myself in the Sales and Marketing of the property, Guest Services, Housekeeping, Personnel and Designing of property, both interior, exterior and landscaping.Once I moved to Portland and got my start in Boutique Hotels, I would have to say, other than the most recent responsibilities I've been given, the highlight in Boutiques was when my Housekeeping skills helped in getting the organization I worked for their Four-Diamond AAA rating. They had been trying to get it for years and was always denied. The year we finally got it was the year I had joined their team, along with some very good Guest Service Managers, and together we achieved our Four Diamonds.

Companies I like:

Starwood Hotels & Resorts


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I was recently commissioned to seek a bed & bath linen program for the entire organization to adhere to. The bath linen program has already started to be implemented and the product is performing beautifully.I performed a bed presentation just days ago for the key Corporate decision-makers and was congradulated for a "Great" presentation. I was able to find a high end, cutting-edge product at a reasonable price. Samples of this product are being prepared for the decision-making officials to try at home before the product gets its official blessing in order to launch it as our offical program. I feel confident this will happen. I've also been commissioned to seek a procurement company to launch a Guest Purchase Program for our guests to be able to order our products on line and/or via toll free. The research has been done and my recommendations have been made. I'm presently waiting for a final decision from Corporate. I feel very fortunate that I was sought out to handle two very important projects for my organization.