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2221 Pepperidge Dr - Augusta, Georgia 30906 Cell: (706)495-9626 Work :( 706)721-3261 Education Bachelor of Science in Nursing (3/92-6/94) Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia Degree: B.S.N. 1994 Pre-Nursing (3/90-6/92) Georgia Military College, Fort Gordon, Georgia Degree: Associate Science 6/1992 Licenses & Certifications Registered Professional Nurse Licensed in the State of Georgia License #RN118936 BCLS/ACLS Certification 2006 Work Experience RN Staff Nurse (10/06-Present) Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia Nursing duties i.e. Admissions, discharges, assessments, orientation to unit, teaching of illnesses, maintaining wounds through assessment, documentation, physician interference , diagnosis, and treatment of wound, knowledge, and usage of KCI wound vac system, medication administration, venipuncture, glucose monitoring, knowledge of isolation precautions, patient hygiene maintenance, concept of patient and family centered care, transcribing and initiation of physicians orders, clarification of physician orders when needed, collection of specimens, care of all wounds and diseases, initiation of and completion care plans etc RN Staff Nurse (8/04-10/06) VAMC Downtown Division, Augusta, Georgia Patient care i.e., bed baths, oral hygiene, dressing changes, care of large decubitus, maintain IV fluids and lines , glucose monitoring , PPD testing , Immunizations, medication administration, care of surgical patients, admissions and discharge planning, patient teaching of wound care management and prevention, KCI pump initiation and maintenance, Provant initiation and maintenance, venipuncture, measuring and wound assessment, maintaining patients on ventilators, and Initiation and maintenance of isolation precautions. Staff Charge Nurse Duties. RN Staff Nurse (5/04-8/04) Doctors Hospital, Augusta, Georgia Maintaining patients in ICU and PCU settings i.e., patients on ventilators, maintaining drips critical for patients survival, medication administration, documentation, vital signs, q1h. Strict I & O q 1h, caring for patients requiring Prisma machine, telemetry monitoring, skill marathon retraining. RN Charge Nurse (2/01-5/04) Nephrology Center of Grovetown, Grovetown, Georgia Assessments, vital signs, Immunizations, water analysis, maintenance of AV grafts and fistulas, diabetic foot monitoring, medication administration, drawing labwork, PPD testing 2 step method, testing for occult blood stools, fire drills, patient teaching, documentation, providing support and supervision in emergency situations, calculation of fluid removal, etc. RN Staff Nurse (10/99-2/01) Nephrology Center of South Augusta, Augusta, Georgia Assessments, vital signs, obtaining blood cultures, blood transfusions, performing dialysis Assessments pre and post treatments, Calculation of fluid removal, cannulation of new and established grafts and fistulas, water treatment analysis, maintaining homeostasis of patient bodies while on dialysis treatment, occult blood testing of stool, Immunizations, Charge Nurse prn, patient teaching in all areas i.e., medications, diabetes, treatment issues . RN Charge Nurse (10/98-10/99) Walton Rehabilitation Hospital, Augusta, Georgia Evening Charge Nurse duties include evening assessments of all patients on Brain Injury Unit; caring for 3-4 patients per evening, providing help with meds, Vital signs , Blood pressure monitoring, Bowel care, Showers and baths, Enteral through peg tubes, providing proper body hygiene, administering medications, ROM of limbs as directed by Physical Therapist, teaching patient and families care of wounds, insulin dosages and how to administer injection at home, teaching fire safety to families and patients. RN Staff Nurse (9/95-9/98) Willette Wallace Dialysis Center, Augusta, Georgia Obtain blood cultures, Perform dialysis as prescribed by MD, Preparing bicarbonate and potassium baths per prescription, Immunizations, PPD testing, care of open wounds, glucose monitoring, calculation of fluid removal, assessment of patient fluid removal , assessment of patient fluid status, performing treatment according to patient needs, testing stools for occult blood, calculate medication dosages, monitoring lab values, providing holistic care to all patients, checking patient home medications, venipuncture, facility water analysis, caring for patient in emergency situations, alternate charge nurse duties. RN Nurse Manager (8/94-9/95) Charter Behavioral Health, Augusta, Georgia Acute Care Unit: Assessment of patients for escalating violent behavior, performing group cessions about life skills, Counseling , provided protection for children under our care, worked with parents , police dept., and Social Services such as DFACS to find placement for battered and abused children, Monitor calls per protocol from parents of battered children for their protection, obtaining venipuncture , urine for drug screens, and fecal specimens for organisms, planned outings and other activities in collaboration with other managers and administration, Immunizations, and PPD testing etc. RN Self Employed (3/97-12/01) HRP Nursing Service, Augusta, Georgia To provide patient care at various hospitals and assist with staffing needs in: MICU, SICU, PCU, Burn Unit, Diabetic Care Unit, Rehab, Pediatrics, and adolescent Psychiatry Unit LPN Education (1983-1984) Waycross Ware Area Technical and Vocational School LPN Staff Nurse (4/89-1994) Pediatric Services of America, Augusta, Ga. Caring for infants and children with special needs ( ventilator, cpap, and weaning). Vital signs, trouble shooting equipment, ordering supplies, providing support to parents, ADL assistance, medication administration, dietary support (feeding tubes) etc. LPN Staff Nurse (9/88-4/89) VAMC, Uptown Division, Augusta, Ga. 76 South B Geriatric Psychiatric Unit Caring for Veterans with psychiatric issues resulting from previous war time experiences. Vitals, Charting, ADLíS , medication administration, Vaccines, weekly counseling sessions, accompanying patients to canteen to purchase personal items, accompanying to Downtown division to doctors appointments, providing first aid for small cuts and bruises and any other duties in this job description . LPN Staff Nurse (7/89-10/90) Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia 4 West Telemetry Unit, Augusta, Georgia Providing nursing care for patients with trauma, post op, and disease progression. Care includes dressing changes, ADL assistance, vital signs, charting, venipuncture, providing post op care for patients after CABG procedure, surgery following gunshot wound repair, monitoring telemetry strips for rhythm abnormality, reporting to charge nurse abnormal findings, providing cost effective patient care , collection specimen collection, infusing blood and blood products etc. LPN Staff Nurse (8/86-6/89) Dr. Clyde Burgamy Office OB/GYN, Augusta, Georgia Providing assistance with office procedures , charting, calling in prescriptions, setting up patient for examinations, assisting with sonograms, autoclaving equipment, assisting with pap smears, specimen collection, medication administration/oral, IV, subq, topical, assisting with insertion of IUD, vital signs, and weight calculation etc. LPN Staff Nurse (5/86-6/86) Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia ENT Unit Caring for patients with diseases, trauma, and problems with eye, ear, nose and throat nursing care given as prescribed by physician. Nursing duties, charting, dressing changes, specimen collection, ADL assistance, monitoring I & O, venipuncture and basic nursing care etc. LPN 1 Staff Nurse (8/84-1/85) University Hospital, Augusta Georgia Neurosurgery 9 West Nursing Unit Caring for patient requiring frequent monitoring after traumatic Neuro event. Post surgery monitoring , help with hygiene , neuro checks, frequent vital signs, provide help with ambulation and getting in and out of bed, also help with ADLíS , Providing support to other staff, and RN Charge , all other LPN 1 duties required by hospital. Professional Affiliations Georgia Nurses Association Chi Eta Phi Nursing Sorority; At Large References Available Upon Request


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Medical College of Georgia Nursing 1994 Bachelor Degree



Kidney Transplant, Organ Transplant

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Government, Fortune 500, Clinical Research, Forensic nursing, Medical coding.



charting, medication administration, patient teaching.