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Mc Grath, MN

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A go-getter for testing, process management, and financial transmissions in SAP FI Modules.


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 9/2006 - Present



Grambling State University Accounting and Information Systems 1984 Bachelor Degree



OBJECTIVE: An Accounting Degree Professional who assists IT and Financial users with Numerical Transactions, Consulting, GL Transmissions, Billing, Journal Entry File, and Application Users' transactions: - Experience in writing Audit Work Procedures for Quality Control - Financial Software(PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultant, Sprint TTS Billing Support, Bank Recon, JD Edwards, FileNet, and City of Dallas) Process Management for Financial/IT clients - Experience in Financial/IT Transmissions and Business Data Flow Diagrams - Billing Testing and Transmissions - EDS Datacenter Revenue Chargeback Audit EMPLOYMENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS JC Penney Corporation(Part-time), Plano, TX: (10/2006 thru Present) FINANCIAL Performs CASH, add, changes, delete transactions for internet web services, payment processing, receipt processing, shipping/catalog order, and billing. Career Transition Center Job Placement, Chicago, Illinois (2003 thru 9/2006). Career Transition Center is a Non-Profit organization that works with my Roman Catholic Churches to provide job skills for Computer and Financial clients returning to the workforce. - Assisted clients with Customer Delivery(HR Behavior) and work rules. - Microsoft Office Suite Products Work Procedures/Training. JP Morgan Chase, Monroe, LA: Data Entry Clerk,(2/2002-7/2002), FINANCIAL REPORTING An IBM Quest Software System for Loan Payments to process add,deletes, and changes to customer's service delivery accounts. - Performed Excel Reporting - Assisted with Financial Transmissions. Compaq Computers(Hewlett Packard), Houston, TX: System Support Analyst, (12/00 - 9/01) INTERNET SOFTWARE Internet Software(HP System Insight Manager) is a network monitoring and device configuration JAVA application. It notifies users of hardware or transmission problems. It displays product/marketing information on intranet/internet. * Validated internet transmission hyperlink logic for customer data exchange. * Performed Data Validation on the color, function, and placement of Screen Object, for XML Transmission to Web Page. * Security testing for Single Sign On and Secure Socket Layer user logons and their authority to view and access different transactions of adds, changes,deletes on Web Page. Staff IT Temp(Enron Corporation), Houston , TX : Quality Assurance/Data Entry(7/00-10/00) INTERNET BILLING. - User tested transactions(adds,changes,deletes) for utility billing data. This tested bill dollar amount. - Wrote procedures for security levels(Windows security logon administration)testing(for example: journal entries and payments). - Documented work procedures for user testing. Kelly IT Temp(El Paso Corporation), Houston , TX : Automated Software Tester(5/99-5/00) TESTER for ENERGY NUMERICAL/FINANCIAL TRANSACTION CALCULATIONS - With "If-then-else" logic, produced SQL Server Reports to validate Web Pages' Data Properties(objects, button statuses,and field status). - Tested manual screens to show: numeric, alphanumeric, date transactions, gas numerical calculations of injections and withdrawals, and table row processing errors on screens. - Tested unit, integration, and automated screens with Mercury Interactive WinRunner Software for:numerical adds, changes, deletes of injections/withdrawals - Updated Test Director(v.7) with Test Instructions/Verified Test Director results and notified applications of Test Director errors.- Verified Test Director results and notified applications of Test Director errors. - Tested regression WinRunner scripts to fix errors. - Coordinated database test environments for parallel, preproduction, unit,integration, and user acceptance testing. - Used Numerical screen field prototypes to test GAS'Business Rules' transactions*status of screen buttons,security on updating special fields, field transmission errors from screen to screen on security updates or button/box security. PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, Dallas, TX : Consultant (1/98-4/99) Defined Financial Customer Delivery Requirements for Retail and Y2K Applications with date, sales, financial and transmission transactions. FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR TESTING: - Gathered Accounts Payable business requirements for Y2K testers on date edits,numeric field edits, alphanumeric field edits, receipt/invoice transactions and money transactions, and G/L closing. - Demonstrated experience in developing functional specifications, USE Cases, process models, process decomposition diagrams, and data flow diagrams for small to medium projects. - Worked with Business Analysts and Programmers to produce reports on billing errors. - Gathered computer storage requirements and resources for test environment setup (system security permission levels for each environment, application security access,storage allocation, PC hardware resources). - Managed Controller's Bank Reconciliation client modem transmission testing from store uploads to Windows NT server. Matrix Resource Consulting(Citigroup/Citi), Irving , TX : SAS Tester(7/97- 10/97) To meet Service Level Agreements, a Mainframe Accounting application was tested to accept financial file transmissions from branch location codes to the General Ledger and Controller's Office. CUSTOMER DELIVERY for FINANCIAL SYSTEM TESTING: - Tested financial transmission of SAS reports from FTP software to client server. - Coordinated scheduling of financial transmissions to programmers for general ledger updates. - Uploaded data to FTP software for Controller's server files. - Tested process in multiple environments for Mainframe security access, transmission,application test files, storage allocation, JCL/File-Aid production jobs, and CA7 schedule. Alliance Data Systems, Dallas , TX : Storage Management(9/96- 5/97) COMPUTER ROOM MAINFRAME STORAGE APPLICATION BILLING and SECURITY Provided mainframe computer storage help desk for Business Units,Programmers and Datacenter. I used Sterling Software, Mainframe(IBM utilities,File-Aid/JCL,Clist,CA7): - Fixed storage security errors with storage processing *dasd space problems,security file errors, file space allocation problems, and volume rules. - Worked ACF2/RACF security violations of storage nonexistent highlevels and unauthorized access of system files and application files. - Closed Problem Management incident records for department. Sprint Corporation, Las Colinas , TX : System Programmer(6/91- 9/96) A Customer Delivery/SLA Tape Tracking Transmission System for telephone processing system. BILLING TAPE TRACKING SYSTEM APPLICATION TESTING - Tested American Airlines' Integration screens for tape transmission to DFW airport: shipping number, date shipped, date arrived, and tape number. - Tested Sprint's Billing Application for new account group menu feature for tape workload moves by time of day and billing files. - Tested Billing Transmission for Regional Bell Operating Companies, Local Exchange Carriers, AT&T transmissions, and Sprint's FON card Application/Integration Screens(adds, changes, and delete transaction codes). City of Dallas , Dallas , TX : (Tester) Systems Analyst I(3/90- 6/91) A Customer Delivery System(CICS online transaction designed for billing(utility)) transactions with different security levels, maintenance of services, and financial reconciliation. CUSTOMER DELIVERY SERVICE TESTING for BILLING - Identified business requirements for Service Order transactions and errors. - Tested unit screens for transactions(10 days of more creation date and account setup date) on Service Order screens. - Tested unit and integration screens for pending transactions and age of account errors on Service Order screens. FINANCIAL TESTING - Tested unit screens for customer account activity by security level for cash drawer, userlogon, and journal entry transactions, and change transaction(service order). - Tested unit screens for general ledger application for valid security level(display only). - Tested unit screens for various year end date transactions greater than four years for bad debt report. - Retested(Regression) screens for security for each cash drawer and security level report per user logon. Electronic Data Systems Hdqtrs(GM Account), North Plano , TX :, Operations Analyst (12/85 - 10/89) EDS Datacenter Revenue Chargeback/Computer Room Scheduling - Monitored staff computer useage to decrease datacenter billing expenses(under budget authorization). - Temp analyst for billing of datacenter computer system useage and outdated logonids. EDS Client Support Services(Applications Business Recovery) - Managed and Tested the availability of customers' offsite data - For Service Level Agreement,supported Business Unit's customer data, files and resources for their processing, Facilities Move. - Developed test environment for Customer's testing and workload moves. EDUCATION: - Bachelors of Science, (Double Major)Accounting and Information Systems, Grambling State University , Cum Laude.

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Retail Corporations, Big 4 Consulting Firms, Electronic Data Systems Corp., Perot Systems Corp., Countrywide Corporation, Frito Lay Corporation


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I started as a Billing Analyst for datacenter revenue chargebacks. I moved on to assume the role as a System Analyst on a SAP FI Module Package for the City of Dallas. I put my SAP FI(Financial Accounting) skills together with my IT Testing and Process Management and Business Requirements knowledge to provide Consulting Solutions to clients’ financial transmission and G/L billing reconciliations. I also assisted in MAJOR REVENUE transmissions. It is a GREAT feeling when you receive your Bill in the mail.