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Advancing Transformational Opportunities and Growth by Illuminating Strategic Growth-Mindset Initiatives


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To work collaboratively with best-in-industry strategists to analytically address and resolve key challenges that are consistent with mission and vision via evidence-based practices and solutions that will yield successful outcomes for leadership, staff, and clients.


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University of Pittsburgh Administrative & Policy Studies 2000 Doctorate Degree
University of Pittsburgh Educational Administration 1995 Master Degree
University of Pittsburgh Instruction & Learning 1991 Master Degree
Saint Vincent College Political Science 1989 Bachelor Degree

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Book ETS Educational Measurement, Psychometrics and Research media url The group comprises students, faculty and professionals who are engaged in the fields of educational measurement, psychometrics, and research.
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Website AASA, The School Superintendents Association media url The AASA LinkedIn group was created as a vehicle for school system leaders to connect with each other.
Website Change Management Practitioners media url This group is intended for practitioners of Change Management methods, such as LaMarsh, Prosci, Kotter, etc. to share best practices in this field.




Petrella Education Group, LLC • Pittsburgh, PA • August 2018 to Present Executive Consultant Key Accomplishments: • Advanced the needs and objectives of diverse clients/institutions, to include Rockford University, several school districts, and organizations by conducting Comprehensive Evaluation Reviews (CER’s) and worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to devise and implement accountable growth plans that were focused on mission and institutional core values. Rockford University - Office of Provost - Academic Affairs • Rockford, IL • August 2017 to August 2018 Associate Provost for Instruction and Assessment Key Accomplishments: • Prepared students for careers and life after graduation by influencing stakeholders to realign curriculum and generate outcomes based on data generated by employers. • Attached curriculum outcomes and majors to key performance indicators (KPI) that can be tracked, analyzed, and utilized for decision making. • Implemented critical changes that earned the institution re-accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Wilkinsburg School District • Wilkinsburg, PA • January 2015 to January 2016 Acting Superintendent of Schools and Curriculum Coordinator Key Accomplishments: • Oversaw and approved all transactions associated with the $32 million budget. • Created and launched a communication platform to update and engage with stakeholders through diverse forums. • Project leader directing coordination, preparation, and execution of a landmark partnership and joint venture with the Pittsburgh Public Schools. • Built a robust, multi-tiered system of technical, academic, social, developmental, and emotionally supportive environments that prepared a diverse student body for college and career success. • Structured and implemented a method of coordinated career development for administrators and professionals that was mission-oriented and met licensing criteria. Diamond Lake School District • Mundelein, IL • January 2012 to January 2015 Superintendent of Schools Key Accomplishments: • Achieved a 5 per cent decrease in the number of special education students reported and increased the number of students transferring back to regular education which exceeded the state average. • Created a system of multi-tiered academic interventions and assessments which resulted in students exceeding the Illinois growth model by 10% in reading, 14% in mathematics, and as measured by state and local achievement assessments, an 8% increase in English language-arts and a 26% increase in mathematics. • Approved all expenses of a $15 million budget. • Awarded the highest achievement for financial management in the state for the effective use of resources. • Formed a partnership of educators, students, parents, and external supporters to achieve technology reforms, continuous improvement, and the availability for each faculty member and student to receive a new device, as a diversity initiative to better educate and offer services to underserved students. • Created a Gifted Education Model that did not discriminate against students with a primary language other than English. Gateway School District • Monroeville, PA • January 2009 to January 2012  Superintendent of Schools Key Accomplishments: • Saved the district over $1.3 million by reducing operational expenses. • Approved all expenses and monitored expenditures of $72 million budget. • Reduced aggressive and negative behavior of students by 40% by implementing the evidence-based model of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. • Recognized by Pennsylvania Department of Education as a "High-Growth School District," a status awarded only seven out of 500 school districts. • Increased math scores by 18% and reading scores by 14% on state assessments through curriculum reforms.

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CDW, National Louis University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Western Governors University, Lacoste, United States Department of Education


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Experienced institutional reformer, strategist, and educator, proficient in facilitating comprehensive analysis and corrective action planning/monitoring of various institutions, inclusive of those requiring to meet regional accreditation outcomes, institutional reform initiatives intended to preserve mission and organizational values, and sustaining specialized accreditation for specific academic and career training programs. Excellent written, verbal, communication, and presentation skills to articulate and integrate vision and objectives as a means of relevance. Adept at preparing for internal and external audits and providing responses to program review findings. Capable of leading multiple programmatic domains and working collaboratively with department heads to meet standards of accountability. In-depth understanding of the education industry in a senior leadership role setting and translating that experience into other settings to promote progressiveness and to create a competitive edge over competitors. Advanced training in online learning and social media communications for transparent and efficient delivery of concise messaging and educational delivery. Areas of Expertise include: *Academic Program Planning *Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis *Financial Sustainability & Budgeting *Market Insights *Executive-Level Relationship Building *Accreditation Planning and Attainment *Federal & State Compliance *Continuous Improvement Planning *Evidence-Based Strategy