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Seasoned Global Mechanical Supply Chain Professional


Program Manager


Brandon, FL

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I am a mechanical sourcing professional with experience in customer and supplier facing roles. My background is a mixture of global supply chain, program management, manufacturing operations, and process development. Effective builder of long-term collaborative working relationships to accomplish results. Efficient at allocating organizational resources to complex, multiple or competing projects. Strong technical knowledge in mechanical sourcing. Sound decision maker sees relationships and alternative solutions to arrive at a conclusion. I am looking for a rewarding career with a strong growth company that values technology, fosters an innovativation and a diverse culture.


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Celestica Corporation Customer Program Manager 10/2009 - 5/2021

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2 Patents Polarized Lens Formed by Injection/Coining Injection Molding Process Patent dateIssued May 13, 2004 Patent issuer and numberus WO2004/040341a1 Patent descriptionA polarized lens formed by an injection/coining injection molding process is disclosed. The polarized lens includes a polarizedinsert formed from a polarized sandwiched between two layers of celluulose material. The polarized insertr is surrounded by high-impacted polymer formed by a two step injection/coining process of injection molding that result in minimal stress in the lens. Stress-relieved acrylic optical lenses and methods of manufacture by injection coining molding Abstract Patent dateIssued Nov 30, 2000 Patent issuer and numberus WO 00/71331A1 Patent descriptionStress-relieved molded acrylic ophthalmic lenses and injection-coining mold processes for molding plus and minus to high-minus diopter ophthalmic lenses of optically superior acrylic resin, able to pass standardized drop tests for lenses are described. The injection-coining processes use two-plate and three-plate mold assemblies. The cavity of a two-plate runnerless mold is partially filled under partial tonnage, and the movable half of the mold controlled to coin and densify the acrylic resin under secondary or full tonnage, with excess material flowing to an overflow tab which acts to localize and eliminate weld lines. In the three-plate mold assembly, the lens mold cavities are partially filled under less than total clamp tonnage, with a cavity plate held by hydraulic pressure against a movable half ) of the mold. The mold assembly is then closed under full tonnage, collapsing the cavity plate between the movable core half and a stationary platen assembly, bringing the mold assembly to a total stack height. The processes produce impact resistant acrylic lenses which are stress-relieved and without weld lines, even in the high minus diopter range, with center thicknesses as low as one millimiter and edge thicknesses up to ten millimeters.

Companies I like:

Nike, Accenture, Google, Medtronic, Abbott Labs, Becton Dickinson, Apple, Jabil, Sanofi, Baxter Healthcare, Cordis, J & J, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Bausch & Lomb


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• Project leader of MVP that secured $638,000 incremental material savings out of a $3,500,000 opportunity. • Collaborated on inventory reduction team drove business segment inventory down by $3,000,000.00 with one year. • Steered project team that implemented automated invoicing system with suppliers in US and Canada. • Supported sales team that secured $500,000 win of surgical product. Developed plastics supplier strategy. • Supported introduction of product by leading mechanical sourcing team to build and qualify 13 injection molding and metal stamping tools. • Participated on M & A team during 5 strategic acquisitions. Evaluated mechanical supply base effectiveness and recommended potential material savings. • Led project team to identify and justify procurement of estimating software. • Led build to print team on new product introductions tool and part qualification. • Drove internal team to achieve key performance indicators.