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COVER LETTER: Thank you for your consideration. I've had an unconventional career as a marketing strategist and content creator working in Silicon Valley. I've worked for agencies and corporations, and I've had the privilege of working with more companies in The Valley than most because of my consulting business. The result is I've worked with various business models, technologies, and sales approaches than most. As far as formal positions, my last job was VP, Global Marketing at Bromium, a cybersecurity company. I was also Director of Brand Marketing at Adobe and Director of Customer Marketing at Octel/Lucent. I've managed significant budgets and effectively used marketing dollars to deliver results. I love leading a team, and I still have friends who worked for me years ago. I am not a micro-manager. I believe folks are adults and can manage their business. I provide vision, guidance, set priorities, and strive to make sure the team is always humming. I am proud of the recommendations I have on LinkedIn that speak to my management style. I'm quick to grasp technology and turn it into something understandable for different audience types - economic, technical, and user buyers-across various communication modes (verbal, visual, auditory, and even tactile in some cases) because folks learn in different ways. I have created marketing strategies for B2B, B2B2C, and B2C. I started in Silicon Valley in sales, an excellent gateway to understanding sales and marketing's critical relationship. I have a sales bias that means the sales team is an essential partner for me. My goal is to make sure the programs I create move prospects through the sales cycle as quickly as possible. I call it the marketing user experience, and it begins with the first impression and doesn't end with a sale. Instead, I look to create an on-going relationship centered around customer satisfaction, retention, and brand loyalty. I love public relations and look at it differently than most. I see it as a vital marketing program often overlooked as a strategic opportunity. The work I've done in PR has had a significant impact on demand gen and brand awareness. It's also helped me land speaking opportunities for executives because of the powerful content. The latest was a book, The Web of Profit, a joint venture with a UK professor. It helped me secure a coveted slot at RSA (annual cybersecurity conference). At my core, I care about content and storytelling. You'll see links to my writing on my online portfolio page on my resume. Getting people excited about an idea and moving them to action motivates me. I believe in human rights, civil rights, and I'm a relentless optimist. These are an essential part of who I am. I'm currently contracting and looking forward to my next permanent position. Thank you, Jennifer Carole




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