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Woodland, WI

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Very hardworking, charismatic, colorful coach. Creative, real, experienced, and right for the job.


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Landmark Christian Acadamy (Confidential) 1/1999 - 1/2000



Northeast Baptist Bible Coll. Pastoral Theology 2002 Associate Degree



MICHAEL EUGENE KIBLER JR. 331 WEST LOGAN STREET #A3 NORRISTOWN PA, 19401 610-279-7626 The purpose of this resume is to show my interest and experience in the Head Basketball Coaching field. Although I truly believe in the person to person meeting, my intent here is to express via resume, my overall passion and desire to Teach, Instruct, and Coach, young men and or woman the great game of Basketball and Life Application. After reading this resume, I hope that I have succeeded in establishing with you the understanding that this position that I am applying for was and is intended for me, and I hope that there is no question about my Goals, Intentions, Character, and Abilities to perform the duties and responsibilities that go along with this posted job. Leadership/Experience: 1995-Present Norristown Parks and Recreation (Summer Only) ? Started as Junior Counselor in Training ? Displayed leadership abilities and charged my own group. ? Promoted roughly two weeks later to Counselor and was placed on the pay-roll. ? Led my team in events daily, and on all field trips. ? Had a flawless child-loss record as a Counselor. ? Promoted in 1997 to Co-Head Counselor of the Elmwood Park Branch. ? Co-Responsible for the supervision of approximately 75 kids ? Solely responsible for the supervision of approximately 35 boys ages 5-13. ? Assigned groups to all counselors and oversaw all daily operations. ? Assisted in all daily disciplinary problems. ? Led our camp in two consecutive Olympic Day victories and three of four Olympic Day victories. ? Promoted to Head Counselor of the Hancock Branch in 2001-Present. ? Responsible for the supervision of approximately 70 kids ages 5-13. ? Assign groups to all Counselors and Jr. Counselors. ? Appointed and promoted all Jr. Counselors and Counselors in Training. ? Oversaw all daily camp operations and disciplinary problems. ? Led our camp in three consecutive Olympic Day victories and four in six years. ? Currently Head Counselor at the Hancock Branch. 1995-2001 Wendy’s International Hamburgers ? Started in 1995 as an entry level employee. ? Received recognition pins in Speed and Accuracy, Sandwich Making, Drive Thru Team, and Customer Service. Completed all training level materials. ? Promoted in 1997 to Shift Supervisor. ? Completed all Supervisor Training Materials. ? In charge of setting nightly goals for crew. ? Opened and closed monies on my shift. ? In charge of shift planning and crew placement for my shifts. ? Successfully led Drive Thru teams in Speed of Service times. ? Motivated crew during “High Peak” times in Speed and Accuracy. ? Encouraged crew to close all store positions at an acceptable hour. 1999-2001 Landmark Christian Academy ? Started as Assistant High School Basketball Coach in 1999 ? In 10 League games our team went 6-4 for Third place out of 6 Teams. ? In two years as Assistant Coach our Team went 24-28 overall and 13-7 in League Play. ? Promoted to Head Coach in 2001. ? Led Team to a 14-12 record and 14-6 in League Play. ? Lost in Opening Round of Playoffs. ? Star player won Sportsmanship Award. 1999-2000 Landmark Christian Academy ? Head Football Coach ? Team went 4-5 Placed third of five league teams. ? Did not make playoffs. ? Did not return the next year to focus solely on Basketball Team. 2001-2003 Eisenhower Middle School ? Assistant Head Basketball Coach ? Team had two consecutive undefeated seasons. ? Team posted a 35-1 record in three years of service. ? Eight players played High School Varsity level Basketball. ? Three players are playing on the College Level. 2006 Norristown Church League ? Head Coach of Team Black. ? Team posted a 7-1 record. ? Norristown Church League Champions. 2002-2003 Friendly’s Ice Cream ? Started as Shift Supervisor. ? Assigned crew positions and daily goals. ? Enforced employee cleanliness goals. ? Encouraged Speed and Accuracy for all cooks and wait staff. ? Encouraged all crew to finish store stations correctly and on time. ? Promoted approximately two months later to Assistant Manager. ? Opened store daily. ? Oversaw daily operations. ? Opened and close monies on my shift. 2003-2005 Chick-fil-a ? Started as Kitchen Supervisor ? Led team in all Speed and Accuracy Goals. ? Promoted a friendly first environment. ? Promoted to Front of House Manager in late 2003. ? Assigned all front positions. ? Opened and closed all cash for Front of house employees. ? Led drive thru team to fastest drive thru time. ? Motivated crew the Chick-fil-a way. ? Encouraged all crew to close all store positions in a timely manner and accurately. ? Promoted to Store Manager in 2004 (Salaried Position) ? Opened and closed all daily store operations. ? Sent to Chick-fil-a Headquarters to attend Manager Training in July 2004. ? Encouraged a Friendly First environment for all crew. ? Led in all money goals daily of $5,200/day. ? Established employee positions and oversaw them. ? Created flow charts to better ready crew for training purposes and daily operations. ? Encouraged all crew to complete all employee training videos and materials. I hope this information was helpful in aiding you in making your decision to accept me to this position. When you are ready to schedule an interview with me you may contact me with the following information. Michael Eugene Kibler Jr. 331 west Logan street #A3 Norristown PA, 19401 610-279-7626 or 610-329-0925 Thank you,

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High Schools, Collages, Minor Leagues.


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Lead 14-16 year old team to the league championships in first year. Last 13 years led a 5-13 year old recreation department summer program.