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Driven and Visionary Senior Software Consultant and Business Analyst


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Spring, TX

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I am a respected mentor, coach and director of high-performance teams. History of success in workflow development, process improvement, and enterprise software development. I am a metric driven leader with a proven record of breaking corporate growth barriers through exceptional leadership, strategic planning and execution, vision and mission development and implementation. A knowledgeable IT consultant and business analyst with over 20 years of experience aligning enterprise software and systems with large-scale organizational goals to achieve outstanding results. Advanced expertise leading all phases of SDLC process, including business needs analysis, project scope and budget control, User Acceptance Testing, and streamlined launch. It takes an innovative and visionary leader to successfully face the tremendous challenges confronting today's leading businesses and drive transformational change. Your ideal candidate must possess superior software development expertise, team leadership and innovative strategic planning skills to quickly nourish programs and grow businesses. If your organization is in need of a person who possesses an out-of-the-box strategic mind with an excellent acumen to provide proactive team leadership that will produce business results and meet financial objectives, then I am your candidate. I am available at your convenience for a personal meeting to further discuss the immediate and lasting contributions I can make to your team. Thank you for your time.


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Lamar University Business Administration/Computer Science Bachelor Degree



• Conducted Business Process Review of legacy HR software including staff interviews district-wide; identified key inefficiencies and provided substantive recommendations for improvement. • Reviewed all user processes and led user documentation for undocumented processes, ensuring written documentation for all staff member positions. • Developed client-specific business rules for HR data entry screens, streamlining data capture and ensuring accuracy of employee information. • Created workflows for all HR processes requiring routing for approval, eliminating paper-based processes and improving efficiency. • Processed Microsoft SQL statements to resolve inaccurate data import from legacy system, ensuring integrity of all imported data. • Stepped in to deliver enterprise software to Toledo Public Schools after 2 previous implementations had failed. Ensured streamlined launch and total client satisfaction. • Assumed leadership of User Acceptance Testing team; overhauled processes and implemented new testing environment using mock data, ensuring comprehensive testing prior to launch. • Led development of module reconciling employee W-2 taxes for each pay period, quarter, and tax year, ensuring accurate submittal of W-2 information to Social Security Administration. • Configured Employee Online Services allowing employees to update personal and tax information directly, saving significant time for HR staff. • Developed and implemented Employee Online Timecard, allowing employees to enter time worked, sick and personal leave directly, reducing data entry burden for HR staff. • Developed detailed implementation plan to guide multi-district implementation initiative, achieving successful and trouble-free launch, strong client satisfaction, and recognition from company VP. • Conducted Business Process Review across 4 school districts using BusinessPLUS HR and payroll software; identified mission-critical opportunities to improve efficiency and ease of use. • Stepped in to overhaul highly complex implementation of BusinessPLUS Human Resources and payroll software across 6 school districts after significant challenges. • Stepped in to implement of BusinessPLUS HR and payroll system across 10 school districts experiencing major challenges with launch process. Ensured resounding success of all launches. • Led implementation of W-2 Employee Online subsystem across 7 school districts, overseeing complex technical setup and comprehensive documentation to ensure successful launch. • Directed launch of Timecard Online subsystem across 6 school districts, ensuring outstanding success under challenging deadline. • Led implementation of Applicant Online and Employee Benefits Enrollment Online subsystems across 4 school districts, leading teams to ensure compliance with fast deadline. • Led implementation of BusinessPLUS Human Resources and payroll software at Oakland Unified School District; ensured successful launch after 3 previous failed attempts.

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Recruited to serve as key independent consultant guiding selection, customization, deployment, and post-launch oversight of HR software serving large urban school district. Established client requirements; met with 20+ stakeholders and end users to establish software requirements. Oversaw product development, testing, quality control, and process documentation; developed User Acceptance Testing scenarios; led test reporting and data validation based on industry best practices. Led over 35 training sessions and seminars per year to ensure end-user competency, best practices and software efficiency. Delivered strategic advice to clients regarding new software development and implementation, as well as leverage of emerging technologies. Directed software development teams of up to 10 in overseeing software development, troubleshooting, User Acceptance Testing, and quality control. Promoted to lead development of enterprise software, overseeing project planning and documentation to guide all phases of development. Led multiple technical and cross-functional teams; communicated with internal and external stakeholders to ensure alignment of expectations. Developed budget proposals of up to $8 million; delivered recommendations to streamline costs without sacrificing service quality. Led recruitment of additional staff and consultants as needed during project cycle, leading rapid on-boarding of highly qualified new team members. Directed development and implementation of enterprise software as key point of communication between client stakeholders and technical teams. Maintained collaborative relationships with in-house technical teams to ensure timely deployment of complex IT initiatives. Oversaw investigation and resolution of technical issues; supported data validation to ensure data integrity. Led all phases of software development for over 36 enterprise projects annually; coordinated complex User Acceptance Testing, troubleshooting, and project management processes to ensure completion within challenging timeframes. Directed post-launch support including training seminars for end users. Defined project scope, goals, and deliverables supporting organizational objectives for development of enterprise K-12 education software. Consulted with senior leadership and key client stakeholders to establish business requirements; accurately determined resources and team members required to achieve project goals. Established and managed expectations with client stakeholders; developed up to 20 progress reports per project as well as proposals, requirements documentation, and presentations per month.