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Dedicated professional who works collaboratively to coordinate and manage diverse cross-discipline teams and capable of meeting exemplary professional standards, as well as all relevant research and compliance objectives. Biochemist with extensive experience in project design and management with 25+ years' experience in molecular biology and protein biochemistry as it applies to cancer biology in the human central nervous system, with particular emphasis in molecular profiling of tumors, DNA repair, cellular response to therapy, Cell based therapy, drug and therapy development, and designing the therapy to the tumor's molecular profile. Research engineer with extensive experience in the use of therapeutic ultrasound and it's applications to nervous system disorders and application to alteration in drug uptake. Review Scientist with extensive experience in federal regulations and policies as they apply to laboratory animal research. Coordination among Office of Animal Welfare and partner departments, Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Radiation Safety. Grant pre-review and grant reviewer for numerous agencies both within America and foreign. Extensive experience using univariate and multivariate analyses, as well as statistical programming with emphasis on developing models to predict progression, malignancy and response to therapy Trained on SAS and STATA. Validation of study experimental design, results, and clinical trials. Confirmation and quantitation of improvements and evaluation of magnitude of improvement (if any). Determination of variation within and between groups and determination of factors contributing to variation.


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University of New Hampshire Biochemistry 1991 Doctorate Degree
University of Main at Orono Biochemistry 1987 Bachelor Degree

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Establish direct and obtain funding for Pediatric Molecular Neuro-oncology lab at Seattle Children's Hospital Establish and oversee Pediatric neurological tissue bank Research Scholar American Cancer Society

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Bristol-Myers Squibb, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Entrada Therapeutics, Celgene, Obsidian Therapeutics, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.


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Oversee research involving ultrasound application to the Neurological system. Projects include Neuro-modulation, Sensation in Amputees including phantom limb, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Targeted drug uptake. Reviewing all IACUC protocols and ensuring that they are in alignment with current laws, regulations and policies and congruent with the funding source. Serve as full or alternate members of the IACUC and regularly assigned as Designated Member Reviewers for protocol review. Review grants for protocol-grant congruence and regularly communicate with scientists regarding protocol compliance with federal, state and local regulations and policies. In addition, receive sub-committee assignments from the IACUC to follow up on areas that need to be revised, updated or improved. They also regularly participate in site visits as part of the semi-annual program review for the IACUC. Reviewing all IACUC protocols for animal welfare issues and concerns. The review process carried out by the Review Scientists and Veterinarians ensure that protocols are in alignment with current laws, regulations and policies. Serve as Designated Member Reviewers for protocol review and approval. Direct research involving DNA repair in Pediatric brain tumors as it relates to tumor resistance and malignancy. Develop predictive models to predict time to tumor progression based on the molecular profile of the tumor and other patient variables. Drug and therapeutic development. Manage the Pediatric Molecular Neuro-Oncology lab with management responsibilities over 3-10 FTE organizing research projects and overseeing progress of projects. Prepare and submit grants in order to obtain funding for all aspects of research. Prepare and submit manuscripts for peer review and publication in journals. Active participation in career development of students and employees. Oversee collection of pediatric brain tumor tissue, and other neurological tissue from the operating room. Check tissue into pathology lab. Maintain and distribute tissue to different labs in the region for brain tumor research. Maintain records and maintain key to connect tissue with patient data. Handle requests for tissue.