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Work from home, word processor. claims reviewer, order processor


Word Processor or Typist


Newhall, WV

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High School/GED

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I seek legitimat4e work from home, clerical duties are priority, reviewing medical claims is a strong point


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see resume (Confidential) 12/1983 - 5/2007



Disability on-thejob 1988 Associate Degree
LSU general studies 90 hrs 1967 Associate Degree
Central pre-college 1965 High School/GED Degree



See attached I spend many hours on the computer for research and enjoy doing so and have the knowledge needed to do that as I do possess the knowledge and skills required. I also have customer service experience and equipment as noted. . . To Whom It May Concern: Attached is my resume applying for a position at home. Since my untimely retirement, I have kept up my typing skills by doing typing exercises online and using the Internet for many multiple hours per day and week. I had many items listed for sale at 4 auction sites and managed them for winning bidders and am well familiar with packing and shipping procedures. I answered questions in a professional manner that persons might have on items up for bid and handled any customer complaints (there weren’t many) and negotiate a settlement, if necessary. I am very motivated and it was expected on my prior typing positions to produce quality work with a fast turnaround time. Work was reviewed by quality unit before it was released and proofread for any errors. I am mostly self-taught on other computer programs (other than word processing) and enjoy new challenges to learn. If considered as a “new hire” I can assure you that I will and can work independent of direct supervision and produce only acceptable work. I can only hope that you will strongly consider me for this position. I feel that I would do a quality job as I am also experienced in research and followed rules and regs as set forth in Federal manuals and had guidelines in which to adjudicate a claim properly. In my prior job as an examiner , I encountered irate clients everyday and was trained in conflict resolution so I know how to handle that irate client there as well as in my jobs at NTI and Custom Loyalty. I feel that I would be a good candidate for this job as I am very well aware of details, work well under pressure and have the ability to work without direct supervision and can follow directions. My VR counselor is Jean Hansen, , LRS, 3651 Cedarcrest. Baton Rouge, La. 70601, 225-295-8900 or 1-800-737-2959, Please feel free to contact me via telephone, e-mail or USPS. Thank you for your time. Linda J. Fontenot LINDA J. FONTENOT 6707 Morgan Rd. Apt. 42 Greenwell Springs, La. 70739 225-262-6483 EXPERIENCE 1985 – 1998 Disability Examiner II, State of Louisiana ? Identify sources of medical and vocational information including consultative examination sources ? Make appropriate requests to obtain necessary infor- mation. ? Make determination of disability with assistance from phones, give assistance and information to clients, Regional office, Congressional inquiries, attorney in- quiries and took messages for the Unit staff the medical consultant staff or consult with Unit Supervisor or Asst. Supervisor, if needed (prefera- bly we were encouraged to make an independent decision and then required to get medical staff review) ? Learn program policies, regulations and procedures. ? Keep abreast of all new and changed policies. ? Regular use of manuals and disability reference material either on computer or hard copy. ? Consider substantial non-medical factors such as age, education and past work training and apply voca- tional rules, if necessary. ? Adjudicate claim using all information. ? Prepare on computer narrative explanation of claim using sixth grade level language and no technical terms. ? Knowledge of medical terminology including correct spelling. ? Although not a major part of the job, I had to answer. 1984 – 1985 Disability Examiner Assistant, State of Louisiana ? Train and supervise typists and Word processors assigned to the Unit. ? Coordinate activities of the typists. ? Determine work procedures and issue written and oral instructions. ? Assign duties to the clerical staff and check work for accuracy, neatness and completeness. ? Prepare merit increases for clerical staff by use of performance evaluations. ? Act as a liaison between Unit Supervisor and examiners. ? Answered the phone and took messages as well as give assistance and accurate information to clients, Regional office, attorney inquiries etc. 1983 – 1984 Word Processor, State of Louisiana ? Input intake (new cases) daily into database. ? Printing worksheets. ? Change parameter and activate offices in the State. ? Compiling weekly unit reports and other duties as necessary. ? Typing top portion of 4268 and form letters per instructions. ? Disposition of cases from the casemaster file. ? Answered the phones, took messages and provided assistance to clients, Regional office, attorney inquiries etc. Jan 4 to March 11, 2005 I was on an IRS project by NTI/Alpine Access taking telephone orders for IRS pubs and forms. I had a 7day intensive training period. We were expected to give “world class service” to the customers that called in for the information. We were held to a specific pattern of performance with NTI/Alpine Access as well as IRS personnel listening to our handling of a call. We used their software and had a research guide to ascertain what form or pub. to send. We were required to have a hands free telephone with headset, DSL internet connection and unlimited long distance. We were tested and had to have a basic knowledge of computer functions, follow directions and work without direct supervision May 2004 through November 9. 2006 12hrs/wk for CLC, a company that verifies the start of newspaper subscriptions. I can take bank drafts and credit card payments by phone. Courtesy and confidentiality must be maintained at all times. We have goals that should be met and have a week of training. We use companies software programs and download and upload information everyday. Keep accurate records of contacts made each day and enter information into record for further problem resolution, no sales was involved. EDUCATION Received HS Diploma in 1965 Completed 90 hrs. of instruction at LSU 1965 – 1967 Ongoing training and education OTJ Use of Word Processing Programs in Windows At present taking a certified Medical coding course and in MS Word 2000 to include powerpoint and excel via internet I spend many hours on the computer for research and enjoy doing so and have the knowledge needed to do that as I do possess the knowledge and skills required. I also have customer service experience and equipment as noted. . . Equipment Fax with copy capability Handsfree headset DSL Unlimited LD capability 512 MB RAM 200+ Pentium Processor color printer color monitor 19” lap top & printer scanner current ICD-9 and CPT 2007

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the most significant impact was to work my claims with accuracy and speed. We attempted to give world class service to all clients and male them feel we cared and their situation was understandable. I had to sometimes diffuse a potentially volatile situation.