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My expertise lies in leading corporate development efforts, operational strategies, and improvement initiatives to achieve defined goals and expand market share. Through my experience, I have become adept in overseeing a wide variety of operational and fiscal responsibilities to ensure optimal business performance and realize significant revenue enhancements. I have successfully maneuvered the delicate balance of a background that blends hands-on involvement with managerial engagement to create profitable communications services. My contributions included developing and establishing training and education for all levels of staff, from team members to executives. By creating innovative, new programs, I was able to design and execute plans to restructure strong support partners with cutting-edge technology, striking a pivotal role in the delivery of that knowledge and awareness. With so many changes in how public education is funded, experiences at private tuition-driven, enrollment sensitive institutions have become relevant for public colleges and universities as they search for additional revenue streams from fundraising and program innovations. I have developed and demonstrated a record of building consensus, resolving conflict, addressing personnel and student issues with sensitivity and fairness and have a demonstrated record of effective financial management.


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California Southern University Business Administration 2020 Doctorate Degree

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Book When You're Happy With You media url First published book.
Book Passionate and Purposeful Work media url My fourth book.
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Cultural Engagement Diversity is core to who I am. While employed in the federal government, I spearheaded many diversity initiatives. From holding the positions of Federal Women’s Program Manager, Federal Black Employment Program Manager, Member of the Texas Diversity Conference, Member of the Diversity Leadership Council within the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) or as I have worked in various cultures throughout my 26 year career with AAFES or as I have traveled the world speaking and teaching in various cultures. I embrace the opportunity to engage with people who are different from me. I have lived in two other countries and traveled many others extensively as Vice President of Training and Development with AAFES. I love learning about and experiencing the uniqueness of other cultures. I have been recognized for my efforts and leadership in the areas of cultural diversity, social justice, and engagement. In 2011, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity noted my initiatives to increase representation of underrepresented groups in AAFES management. I set a goal to target Historically Black universities for people of color to enter AAFES’ management training program. We increased representation over a 3-5-year period. Also, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity nominated me to the Diversity Journal magazine as a Woman Worth Watching because of these initiatives. I was approved and profiled in that magazine. Technology Technology is a core focus for California Southern university. As part of leading the Strategic Planning process with the Steering Committee, we identified 4 core areas of focus: Quality, Technology, Sustainability, and Growth. As such, I am one of 3 Executive Sponsors for a $3.5m Student Information System project and $300k upgraded Learning Management System. I review, monitor and jointly consider recommendations and changes to the timelines associated with the implementation of these new systems. I also monitor budget overruns and review/approve any proposed issues with the implementation of this technology. Faculty Development One last area I would like to address is my desire to work to ensure opportunities are available for all faculty members, full time, part time, core, and adjunct. I believe in supporting faculty, therefore, in my current position, I created various programs, with faculty input, to help to improve the performance of faculty members. I increased the stipend paid for faculty research and scholarly contributions. I added resources online such as training on Turnitin. I emboldened the Faculty Center and added the Online Learning Consortium Inc. that provides professional quality online learning and professional development opportunities for faculty. Finally, I am a seasoned professional who can bring 26 years of leadership experience in managing profit and loss operations, applying financial acumen to budgets as well as capital projects, and I have consistently proven I can handle operational and strategic levels of multiple responsibilities in crisis and pressure while operating under rigorous deadlines. I have an innate sense of task prioritization, managerial and leadership aptitude, and I am results-oriented. My unique leadership approach is to help students be all that they are called to be. My desire is to help organizations be more efficient and to provide superior service to students. I seek to provide each student with a uniquely warm, compassionate, and servant-leader approach to their situations.

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University of Hawaii, University of San Diego, Azusa Pacific University, Texas Christian University California Baptist University, University of LaVerne


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I direct all academic operations for the university to include WASC Accreditation/Reaffirmation, Assessment, reporting requirements to WASC and BPPE. I also manage and mentor Deans, Chairs, Assessment Analyst, and administrative staff. For all academic activities and faculty affairs at the University, I provide academic strategic planning, administrative leadership, direction, and evaluation. I review performance metrics related to the delivery and the quality of programs, services, equipment, facilities and events. Present results to Senior Leadership and provide feedback to staff on results Review and approve annual organizational plans and budgets.