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(1) Maintain knowledge of HIPAA (2) Lead HIPAA Privacy Program (3) Coordinate with GAP analysis (4) Development of policies (5) Perform monitoring (6) Ensure all necessary forms are developed, available, used and controlled (7) Ensure business associate contract compliance (8) Privacy training (9) Take action on complaints (10) Report on activities (11) JCAHO coordination. * 1996 - 1998: Senior Internal Auditor/Accountant: SHREE SHIRINATH, INC, 351 FRANKLIN STREET, HIGHTSTOWN, NJ 08520. Duties and responsibilities: * Audit supervision of staff of 5, perform all functions of audit of the company, reconcile all accounts, resolve problems with Heads of Department and make recommendations for improvement of the company accounting systems. * Scheduling of audits throughout each area of the organization and initiating spot audit when necessary. Furnish periodic audit reports to the Board of Directors, Controller and other staff, and coordinate the internal audit program with outside examiners. * Oversee the development of auditing procedures, internal computer checks and balances and direct internal security and loss investigation activities. * Maintain all compliance, policy and including the development, training and implementation of new or revised policies and procedures into the organization. * 1990 - 1996 Senior Auditor/Financial Accountant: PHILIPS ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, CROYDON, ENGLAND, U.K. * Supervised eight junior auditors. * Audited and reviewed financial statements, prepare tax computations. * Discussed internal control weaknesses with senior management and recommended improvements in internal control systems in management memos, letters and audit reports. * Responsible for and supervised monthly bank reconciliations and the schedule for necessary auditing. PAST ACHIEVEMENTS: Jersey City Medical Center-Liberty Health * Auditing: * Performed audits uncovering $500,000.00 embezzlement and resulted in prosecution for 21 months in prison of the Director of Finance - Meadowlands Hospital - Liberty Healthcare System, Inc (see attached newspapers report) * Performed Time cards audits which resulted with 2 employees been terminated. * Performed cash audits uncovering $15, 000 in shortages with 2 employees been terminated. * Conducted billing audits resulting in recovery of $150,000 in lost billing and corrected processing. * Internal Audit Department Charter * Compliance: initiated and enforced the following: * Jersey City Medical Center - Liberty Health Compliance/Manual. * Jersey City Medical Center - Liberty Health, Code of Ethics & Business Conduct. * Jersey City Medical Center, Conflict of Interest Policy. * Jersey City Medical Center - Liberty Health, Compliance hotline and voicemail. * Jersey City Medical Center - Liberty Health, Confidentiality Policy.







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