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Database Administrator with around 5 years of core IT experience in Database Installation, Designing, Administration and troubleshooting database servers like AWS RDS Aurora MySQL, AWS RDS PostgreSQL, MySQL5.7, MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.1, Oracle 11g/12c on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms. * Comprehensive knowledge in Database architecture and Implementation, Data Modeling, Database Designing, Tuning Databases and Queries, Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Events. * Design and Implementation of High Availability solutions and Disaster Recovery Solutions. * Installation and Maintaining AWS RDS Aurora MySQL / MySQL 5.7/5.6/5.5/5.1 enterprise and community versions, Installation of MySQL cluster 7.3/7.2 database instances in production environment and setup of configuration files. * Installation and configuration of Percona XtraDB clusters. * Installation and configuration of Percona Xtra backup open source backup solution, MySQL Enterprise backup, MySQL dump for effectively backing up MySQL databases on Linux and scheduling of full and incremental backups and restoration activities. * Configuring Master-Slave, Master - Master replication for high availability and DR solutions. * Configured Replication and mysqlfailover and ProxySQL with read/write splitting InnoDB Cluster. * Configuration and Setup of various MySQL performance monitoring tools like Nagios and MySQL enterprise Monitor for monitoring MySQL Servers. Configuring Perl scripts for monitoring databases and internal health. * Configured third party storage engines in MySQL installations like TokuDB and Deep DB for achieving high performance, scalability and operational efficiency depending on the applications demand. * Maintaining database and tuning database parameters and queries for effective performance. * Defragmentation of tables and indexes for improved performance and effective space management. Automating various database specific routine tasks through procedures and shell/Perl scripts. * Developing and maintaining of common objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes, Cursor, Procedures, Functions, Triggers (Autonomous Transaction). * Creating events for scheduling various operational jobs in AWS RDS Aurora and MySQL. * Effective management skills and ability to focus on intermediate as well as long term project goals excellent organizational skills and believe in TEAM (Together Everyone Achieve More)-Work Oracle ASM & RAC: * Good experience in Oracle 10g/11g/12c RAC implementation & administration (Oracle Cluster-ware setup and configuration, RAC Installation using ASM, Grid Installation.), Patching, RAC Backup * Backup and Recovery issues related (loss of OCR, Voting Disk and Oracle cluster ware) & also issues with corruption of individual disk data blocks, loss of OS configuration files, loss of net configuration files GoldenGate & Data guard: * Configured and maintained physical standby databases using Oracle DATA GUARD to perform quick disaster recovery. * Implemented Dataguard with maximum availability, protection and performance configurations and worked with Dataguard Fail over and Switch over cases. * Experience in using GoldenGate to support data replication monitoring, tuning and capacity planning. * Configure and build Golden Gate Extracts/replicate for multiple databases, Configure and build heartbeat monitoring in Golden Gate MSSQL SERVER Installing, Configuring, Managing, Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Upgrading and Migrating SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008R2 on standby environments and Upgraded databases from MS SQL Server 2008r2 to 2012, 2014.


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(Confidential) My Sql Dba 3/2019 - Present
Credit Suisse Database Administrator 12/2017 - 3/2019




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