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Innovative, evidence focused, systems oriented executive with more than 15 years of experience solving some of society's most intractable challenges




Baltimore, MD

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An organization to which I can apply my knowledge, skills and abilities to solve problems.


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Park Heights Renissance CEO 1/2018 - 10/2019
Seminal Systems CEO 3/2016 - 1/2018
FEMA, National Integration Center Chief of Standards and Technology and Technical Assistance 9/2004 - 3/2016



Johns Hopkins University Behavioral Science 1991 Master Degree
Antioch University Planning and Administration 1981 Master Degree
Coppin State College Social Science 1975 Bachelor Degree



• Led the development of the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program (PS-Prep): PS-Prep is designed to provide awareness and safeguards to entities against the impact of disasters through improved resiliency and continuity, best practice, and conformity to DHS-adopted standards. • Provided leadership and direction to the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP). RCPGP provided funding to enhance catastrophic incident preparedness at selected sites around the country including the development of integrated planning communities, plans, protocols and procedures to manage a catastrophic event, identifying capability gaps and implementing whole community philosophy, which promotes the engagement of the entire community in the planning process and other preparedness activities. • Served as program evaluator/auditor for the US General Accountability Office. Provided operational analysis and program evaluation to federal programs to determine the extent to which programs adhered to federal policy, accounting principles, and good business practices. • Served as the Chief of Operations for the National Integration Center at FEMA. The NIC included five divisions, including the Office of Domestic Programs (ODP), the National Exercise Division (NED), Incident Management Systems Integration Division, Training and Exercise Integration and the Emergency Management Institute. • Led the development of the National Preparedness System (NPS): NPS was a collaborative planning process supported by an online tool that brought together key decision-makers to plan for and assess capabilities to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from all hazards. • Provided technical support to the development of Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers; Proposed Rule, published December 27, 2013. • Executive Director of community development corporation dedicated to the human and physical change of an area impacted by disinvestment, poverty, drug addiction, violence, and crime. Developed initiatives to improve academic success, workforce participation, and homeownership including branding, community marketing and the design of a decision support tool to manage outcomes. • Purveyed the concept of a learning community, one that inspires learning from cradle to careers, including our Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-school Children (HIPPY); OASIS, intended to address the peculiar needs of children impacted by trauma; and work of community coordinators that provide resources to improve school climate and impact of instructional program, which included a model collaboration between Morgan State University and Park Heights Renaissance to provide intellectual capital to the learning initiatives of Park Heights schools. • Provided organizational assessment and evaluation to 200+ membership organizations to determine suitability for accreditation and consistency with standards and codes of conduct. • Created Seminal Systems, a systems approach (plan, do, check, act) to career development that focuses on knowing the interest, proclivities, skills, knowledge, and abilities of individuals to help them to determine qualifications for fields of work and how to achieve that work. • Developed a youth standard that established interoperability and accountability among youth-serving organizations, which would be overseen by the Compact, a confederation of organizations focused on change in the human condition for Park Heights. • Served as Executive Director of the Governor’s Council on Offender Employment Coordination; State governance responsible for reducing institutional and personal barriers to ex-offender employment; developed initiatives to mitigate the personal and institutional barriers of ex-offenders into the workplace. • Developed model enterprise integrating private investment with the local workforce, subsidized housing and an offender labor force to improve employment outcomes, business opportunities, and local economic development for Baltimore neighborhoods; • Chief Operating Officer of the Mayors Office of Employment Development, provided executive leadership to the development, execution, and evaluation of workforce development activities. Developed an information system to match jobseeker qualifications with employer needs that improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation.

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Social Change organizations, Preparedness organizations, organizations engaged in risk mitigation business continuity


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