Patricia Y

Mechanical Inspector - 17 Years of Experience - Near 01851


Mechanical Inspector


Lowell, MA

Education Level:

High School/GED

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Over fifteen years experience as a skilled assembler in high volume manufacturing. Extremely dependable and responsible worker and is easily trained dedicated to my work. Works well as an individual or as team work has a strong work ethic. 1. Knowledge of good manufacturing procedures, Familiar with 5S Six Sigma 2. Excellent assembly and soldering skills, Rework 3. Ability to read schematics and blueprints. 4. Certified IPC J-STD-001D, IPC-610D, MIL-STD 883 and ESD Certified 5. Familiar with SAP and Oracle, Excel, Word, Outlook, Agile (Inter information into system Daily ) 6. .Experience in Fiber Optic Splicing. Professional 6/13 - 5/19 D RAGER MEDICAL Andover, MA GROUP LEADER/ FINAL/ INCOMING INSPECTION/MRB Working on Incoming and Final inspection on Mechanical and Electronics on Medical Devices, Inprocess Working on Finish Products that ready to Ship Incoming inspection for PCB and Mechanical Products ( Micrometer, Pins Gages, Drop Gauges, Ruler, Acu- System Vernier Calipers, Gage Block, Thread Gage ( with Geometric Dimension and Tolerance ) Working Closely with Engineers and Supervisor Training New Employees ( as Floor Leader ) Working on First Articles Ability to read and understand Blue Print Inspecting Film and Membrane, Inspecting Window ( Glass ) Working in a Clean Room Occasionally Shipping Finished MRB Products Printing Labels Inspecting PC Boards, Harness, Fiber Optic and Tes all of them by using Coriss machine 15 years in Manufacturing / QC inspection Outgoing and Incoming inspection on Printed PCB for Aerospace Defense and Medical Device Soldering Reworked touch-up ( SMT and THRU - HOLE Components, and Conformal Coating ) Incoming PCB inspection ( Micrometer, Pins Gages, Drop Gauges, Ruler, Acu-guage System Vernier Calipers, Gage Block, Thread Gage ( with Geometric Dimension and Tolerance ) Working on RMA ( repairs all returned products, enter all the Data into System on the daily bases ) Assemble Subassemblies on Print Circuit Boards, Running AOI machine on printed Circuit Boards SPLICING ( FIBER OPTIC ) and wiring occasionally, working closely with Engineers, Supervisor Electronics-Mechanical Assembly, Working in a clean room, Excellent oral and written skills Working with chemical such, Epoxy, Conformal Coating Bonding Materials, Loctite, Acetone Alcohol Ability of using hand and power tools ( Pliers, Tweezers, hand and Electric Screwdrivers ) 2006 - 2011 M/aCom/Tyco Electronics Lowell, MA Assembly V/Soldering/QC Inspector Assembled mother to daughter board into Modules by using shop instructions known as the E-Matrix. Performs in-process and final inspections of components, mechanical, and Electrical parts Assembly and subassembly by using blueprint, Sketches, Planning Sheets, Written, Oral Instructions Solder Terminal, Surface Mount, rework, and repair thru-hole, touch up, and de-solder components Assembles High-Tech components w/Fiber Optical fibers (known as SMF 28) attached to PC board w/UV Cure Adhesive or Plasticized PVS Bonder Performs SMT and thru - hole soldering under microscope, by using the PACE (INTELL HEAT ST 50) and we used both LEAD and LEAD FREE SOLDER at the Temperatures beginning w/750 Certified in ESD training and IPC J-STD-001D & IPC-A-610D, Used Flux, Alcohol and Acetone during soldering procedures, which includes soldering wiring, wrapping, Harness etc. Splicing Fiber Optic by using ERICSSON Machine (worked in a Clean Room) Assembly, subassemblies, Building Circuit Pack by using electrics, hand torques, wrenches, pliers, and tweezers, and Sockets, and Gauges.Training new Employees, Working closed with Engineers Inspect incoming/outgoing products (by using Verviers, Calibers, Micrometer. Ruler, by Blue Prints/Shop Instructions and also run an AOI Inspection, working on RMA, enter Data into System


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