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Army Strong Human Resource Management




Barker, TX

Education Level:

High School/GED

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Fast learner no matter what the job consist of, love challenges and high paced work areas.People oriented, dependable, honest, hard working, and well discaplined.


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7-Eleven (Confidential) 1/2006 - 7/2006
(Confidential) (Confidential) 11/2004 - Present
Home Depot (Confidential) 5/2003 - 2/2006
Wendy's (Confidential) 12/2001 - 5/2003
Bengston's Pumpkin Farm (Confidential) 10/2001 - 10/2005



Lockport High School Music 2002 High School/GED Degree



Jeannie M Campbell 12818 Woodland Dr. Homer Glen, Illinois 60491 United States Home: (708) - 3014274 DSN: (318) - 4463005 WORK EXPERIENCE: Army Reserves (11/15/2004 - Present) - Human Resource Management Forest Park, Illinois United States Supervisor: Pierre Celestin - 7082092600; Contact: Yes Salary: $1,500.00 per bi-week Hours per week: 60 Duties: Work with other soldiers in In-processing and Out-processing both military and civilians. Currently am over seas, but will be home in a few months. Work with keeping track of files, updating records, both excel and Microsoft office and word, and birth month audits, etc... I have also worked with advance parties, supply, records and awards. I have trained many soldiers both higher, same and lower rank as I in my job. I also am a certified combat life saver. Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm (09/29/2001 - 10/31/2005) - Cashier/ Cook Homer Glen, Illinois United States Supervisor: Pam - 708301FARM; Contact: Yes Salary: $9.00 per hour Hours per week: 35 Duties: Dealt with cashier in all food stands, cooking of food (mostly funnel cakes), customer service, photo shop, security for the haunted barn, and opening and closing of the stand, including prep and clean up. It is seasonal so I work every year. 7-Eleven (02/10/2006 - 07/23/2006) - Cashier Homer Glen, Illinois United States Supervisor: Tony - 7083011698; Contact: Yes Salary: $8.00 per hour Hours per week: 30 Duties: Cashier, customer service, handled the pumps, lotto machine, and cleanliness of the store. Keep up with items whether expired or not, stocked all the beverages, and made coffee and food. Home Depot (05/23/2003 - 02/16/2006) - Cashier/ Lumber & Building Materials Orland park, Illinois United States Supervisor: Jim - 7086149200; Contact: Yes Salary: $9.33 per hour Hours per week: 40 Duties: Started as a cashier. Had dealt with money, customer service, Returns, Cleaning, and Opening/Closing of the store. Then I transferred over to Lumber & Building Materials. Dealt with customer service, operating the fork lift and reach truck, both the radial saws, and opening and closing, heavy lifting of items up to 80lbs of concrete bags, and cleanliness of the area. Wendy’s (12/19/2001 - 05/21/2003) - Cashier/ Clerk Homer Glen, Illinois United States Supervisor: Zabrina - 7083019206; Contact: Yes Salary: $7.75 per hour Hours per week: 40 Duties: I worked cash registers both up front and drive thru. Made sandwiches, drinks, dealt with prepping, etc... Opened and closed the store. Customer service. Also handled the balancing of the drawers after every shift. Was offered a shift managers position, but refused because I was offered more at Home Depot. EDUCATION: High School Lockport (09/23/1998 - 06/04/2002) Lockport, Illinois United States Degree: Diploma - Major: Music; Minor: Math; GPA: 2.0 Description: Went to Reavis High School for the first 2 years. We moved to Lockport which is now Homer Glen and I finished my last 2 years there. I took all the required classes, but choir I did for all 4 years. Now I am currently serving in the Army Reserves. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Certification - Emergency Medical Agent (01/03/2006) 20 We are the first to respond to a disaster within either our community or one of the ones around us. We also were taught first aid and CPR. We help out the community with special events that take part with in the community, like directing traffic, road guards, and assisting anyone who gets sick or ill. It is volunteer, but we work mostly for the village of Homer Glen. Certification - Combat Life Saver Course (09/02/2006) 40 We were pretty much taught the basics like CPR, First Aid, How to treat a heat casualty, how to treat someone in shock, etc... We were also taught the proper way to stick someone if they were dehydrated. It is like being an assistant medic.

Companies I like:

Pepsi, Costco, Navy Pier, Water Tower Place, any Chiacgo Government Buildings.


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Working well in a high paced environment, and very people oriented.