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Bismarck, ND

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ORGANIZATION * Developed strong organizational skills preparing instruction, practice, and evaluation materials for classes, athletic teams, and staff members. * Conducted daily meeting and presentations to teams of educators in various areas of secondary education and science education. * Extensive development in the production of an anatomy lab manual for use at the university level. PRESENTATION SKILLS * Created an efficient style of presenting subject matter to science classes, faculty, and committees formed by the school district in the area of secondary and science education. Presenting and conducting workshops in secondary and science education to educators at the local level and state conventions to both inform and share ideas that have been used successfully in a secondary level and science curriculum. WRITING SKILLS * Developed writing skills through daily preparation of material for classroom education, and in preparing materials for presentations to educators within the school district and at the state level through convention presentation and education workshops. LABORATORY BACKGROUND * Applied management skills in laboratory education including an extensive background in anatomy and neurobiology the presentation to and instruction of laboratory classes which involved the dissection of human cadavers. * Use of transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and the production of micrographs using tissues prepared from freeze fracture. * Whole cell and patch clamp electrophysiology techniques involved in studying neuronal tissues of various types. * Applied development of laboratory materials in the area of zoology, ecology, cell biology. Culturing of animal tissues, ecology fieldwork that involved classification, population sampling, and disease recognition and statistical analysis of related data. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION * Established policy and scheduling philosophy for middle level education. * Assigned to a team involved in hiring new educators to the Bismarck Public School District. * Development and management of aquatic recreation programs and facilities including, scheduling, mechanical and chemical maintenance programs for facility use. GOAL SETTING * Implemented standards for the Bismarck School District's science education programs by writing curriculum materials to be used district wide. * Developed goals for a newly piloted middle level program including student performance, discipline, and middle level philosophy. * Worked with faculty to set attainable goals for course curriculum in introductory level and advanced level anatomy courses. PUBLIC RELATIONS * Established knowledge of public relations concepts by working with community personnel, staff, students, and parents to improve educational environments, performances, and results from students in public education.


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Colorado State University 1996 Master Degree
Colorado State University Anatomy and Neurobiology 1980 Master Degree



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