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To obtain a position in a profit-oriented organization where I can leverage my knowledge and skillset obtained as an Industrial Engineer from Georgia Tech and through my certifications in both Lean and Six Sigma. Skills:_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Core Competencies: * Leadership Skills * Teamwork * Lean Six Sigma Certified * Organizational Excellence * Continuous Improvement * Supply Chain & Logistics * Assembly Operations Improvement Economics: * Supply & Demand * Economic Modeling * Cost and Benefit Analyses * Efficiency Software: * Xpress Optimization Software * Python * T-SQL 2012 * Sales Reporting in Tableau * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Dedication to Professionalism & Integrity Internal & External Communication Punctuality & Time Management Skills Cycle Time Reduction Cost Reduction Engineering Design Self-starter Equilibrium Price Elasticity Marginal Cost Inventory Planning AutoCAD Arena Simulation Software R Programming Microsoft Office Documentation (proficient in Word, Excel Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint) Experience:__________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kasai North America: Industrial Engineer 05/18 - 11/18 * Performed time study analyses weekly to identify waste reduction opportunities within our manufacturing facilities * Reduced die change setup times by 45% by internalizing previously external setups and instructing the operators to assist when a color change is necessary * Composed various forms of SOS that were easy to follow by the operators while keeping ergonomics, efficiency, and productivity at the forefront * Kaizen events to identify waste and made process improvements across injection molding, assembly lines, and vacuum forming * Specialized in KPS standards and performed audits in our 7 manufacturing plants nationwide to ensure that these standards were continuing to be honored Stanley Black and Decker - CribMaster: Georgia Tech ISyE Senior Design 08/17 - 12/17 * Acted as team leader and liaison between Georgia Tech staff and CribMaster management to maintain consistent communication while also conducting presentations for the Georgia Tech staff in a professional fashion * Performed research and used our research data to identify methods to improve in the production facility * Improved labor utilization in the short-term, and enabled economies of scale in the long-term by implementing a mixed model assembly line * Developed and implemented a scheduling tool to standardize labor and production scheduling to minimize overtime * Reduced the labor cost per unit by 25% and doubled CribMaster's capacity while meeting desired KPIs and headcount * Developed and maintained various manufacturing methods and activities * Calculated inventory levels, reorder points, and necessary safety stock levels based on forecasted demand * Conducted cost / benefit analyses for changes to optimize work center layout, space requirements, material flow and processes to improve productivity and eliminate waste Derek Scott Morris (229) 894-9461 * Murfreesboro, TN * * Experience continued:__________________________________________________________________________________________ TSG, Inc.: Industrial Engineering Intern 05/17 - 08/17 * Performed time studies daily to increase production capacity in the warehouse by the company goal of 5% * Initiated three projects that would save the company over $250,000 per year * Exercised leadership in communicating business goals, programs, and process changes * Disclosed feasible yet tenacious production standards weekly to produce finished goods at a sufficient pace * Designed and implemented necessary tooling to produce finished goods within budget * Utilized lean-manufacturing principles and participated in action workouts to improve performance metrics such as increasing process capability, reducing overall costs, and increasing capacity * Executed material handling engineering studies to support required specifications, evaluation and selection Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center (CRC): Member Services Assistant 10/15 - 05/16 * Executed registration and enrollment procedures for new members * Maintained and updated files for databases of over 8,000 members using T-SQL 2012 Leadership and Service:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Urban Missions Incorporated 01/04 - Present * Cook for underprivileged citizens every other Sunday morning and on holidays * Host Jericho Club-a fun, exciting way for underprivileged children to learn about God through songs, skits, and games Habitat for Humanity 06/07 - Present * Repair houses for helpless families and individuals in Copperhill, Tennessee * Build houses for underprivileged families and individuals in Albany, GA Medical Mission Trip to Uganda in East Africa 11/12 - 12/12 * Provided medical care and supplies to the underprivileged people of Uganda * Provided food and clothing to the families in Uganda that were in need Other * Volunteer with Shepherd Center working with the Brain Injury Program and their patients, Member of IISE, Youth Group Leader, Group Project Leader, Head Lifeguard, High School Golf Coach, Billiards Instructor Education:__________________________________________________________________________________________________ Georgia Institute of Technology: magna cum laude Atlanta, GA * Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering - Supply Chain Engineering December 2017 * Lean Certified * Six Sigma Certified * Active Member of Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society Darton State College: summa cum laude Albany, GA * Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering July 2013 * Dean's List Award Recipient * Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society





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