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10+ years of related social work and public relations experience, case management, and hospital environment. Sensitivity to clients needs, acquired empathic listening, strong time management/ and organizational skills, ability to meet deadlines, community networking, awareness of cultural diversities


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 3/2005 - Present
Genesee Valley Regional Center (Confidential) 8/2000 - 10/2001
Ennis Center for Children (Confidential) 6/1999 - 8/2000
(Confidential) (Confidential) 9/1998 - Present



Jackson State University Criminal Justice 1998 Bachelor Degree



Havenwyck Hospital 1525 University Dr., Auburn Hills, MI 48326 03/21/05 to present Psychiatric Care Specialist • Provide instructional group using behavior modification model for clients with ADHD, Autism, Bi-Polar, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. • Understanding and identifying barriers associated with disease which offers client’s insight and effective coping skills. • Prevention/ de-escalation of client negative behavior by recognizing nonverbal body language. • Utilization of restraints, medical devices, vitals under the direct supervision of charge nurse. • Provide overall knowledge of hospital program services to the client during orientation process. Throughly review admission paper work to parent/client, filing, extensive documentation of client progress, assisting clients with daily living. Pontiac School District 47200 Wide Track, Pontiac, MI 48342 09/12/98 to present Substitute Teacher/ Para-professional • Organize, execute and create lesson plans with understanding age appropriate developmental learning from K-12. • Control classroom environment making it conducive to learning and encouraging class participation. • Providing Power Point presentations of course work, volunteer organizing special events. • Assisting students with physical and learning disabilities. Genesee Valley Regional Center (FIA) 4287 Pasadena Avenue, Flint, MI 48504 08/14/00 to 10/31/2001 Group Leader • Maintained accurate documentation and utilized Structured Decision Making ( SDM) assessment tool to evaluate client’s progress or lack of. Also, used to assist with development of strengths and weakness/ potential barriers when preparing initial/ quarterly progress reports. • Implemented Restorative Justice Model which allowed the client to understand and discuss during group counseling the “cycle of offenders” psychological, emotional, and socialization process involved when a crime is committed and taught how to repair the harm to their victim(s). • Provided total care of clients well-being, with the coordination of activities/ family visits/ and health care. • Reviewed and interpreted psychological and educational reports. Consulted with medical staff to review medication dosages and evaluate disposition of a client. Obtained records from necessary outside entities for purposes of referrals and preparing reports. • Overall understanding of courtroom procedures and properly interpreting the law as well as preparing legal documentation and testifying in court. • Facilitation of weekly staff meetings to provide insight to clients progress, discuss discharge/ treatment plans, updated training and policies review. • Instruction through group/individual counseling which provided educational workshops /media/ handouts and referrals services. Ennis Center for Children 10200 Greenfield, Detroit, MI 48325 06/20/99 to 08/10/00 Case Manager • Case management of families, and foster parents with ensuring the care, protection, and well-being of all involved. • Maintained communications with court and all parties involved, filing court petitions, Child Protective Services reports, utilized investigative methods to gather information for case purposes. • Initiated and completion of referrals for housing, substance abuse, education, vocational training, psychiatric consultations, clothing/furniture and food. • Facilitation of family in office visits/ health care/ home visits, crisis intervention. • Maintained accurate documentation of client mental status, ability to parent, and remain psychologically stable to maintain a health lifestyle.

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public& private schools, hospitals, non-profits, and others


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Provide instructional group using behavior modification model for clients with ADHD, Autism, Bi-Polar, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.