Navy - 29 Years of Experience, Contractor - 20 Years of Experiance




Frederick, MD

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29 Years Military duty, Active Navy/Navy Reserves, 20 Years Contractor Duty.


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Core Partners Chief Information Officer Facility Security Officer 1/2017 - 10/2018



University of Phoenix Information Technology 2007 Bachelor Degree



“OS1 Lenfesty is recognized up and down the chain of command as… the subject matter expert in reserve operational and administrative requirements.”- Captain DA Smith “He is an exceptionally talented and gifted individual who produces excellent results while challenging those around him to excel.”- CE Warren, Chief Warrant Officer, Three “He has the ability to adapt to every situation fluidly, with no hesitation and maintain the presence of mind to make solid decisions in a timely manner – a hallmark of a true leader”- Captain H.M. Stefanyshyn-Piper, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock

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US Government Contractors, US Government


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I have worked on many classified and unclassified IT projects, I have provided management oversight for five Information Technology (IT) programs while contracted to Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock, Maryland and was responsible for providing direction and coordination of all efforts related to IT used for the design and operation of SONAR emulating systems to support US Naval submarine assets increasing the versatility of communications and acoustic data analyses. While conducting this duty I managed contractors and computer facilities associated with SONAR playback and record systems; associated field offices; and the coordination of IT efforts used to support the submarine fleet. More recently I designed and developed the collaboration solution for CorePartners to aid in the development and implementation of software for the US Army in Afghanistan. To facilitate these solutions, I developed and designed a single backbone, multi-classified network system for operational fleet use which could receive a modern Gigabyte Ethernet (GIG-E) architecture for all classifications by using encryption systems to pass data on unclassified networks, thereby limiting cost and install time, as well as maintenance expenses. I was also responsible for overseeing the development of security policies for naval assets under NSWC jurisdiction. Specific duties include performing technical reviews of contractor recommendations that affect the use of IT, and managing the use and procurement of computer and information technology supporting programmatic work include regularly initiating and directing the exploration of new techniques, concepts and approaches for fleet use of IT. While constantly providing oversight for Information’s Assurance (IA) and other naval network security solutions that needed to be developed for naval forces afloat. I implemented and designed network and software security solutions to protect sensitive data acquired by naval assets from malicious cyber security attacks and Improved information collaboration and sharing by coordinating the development of five portal and storage solutions. This was achieved by planning the security requirements for eight networks, approving efforts related to the protection of critical program information, and planning and managing computing and information technology requirements, workload and operational procedures from both a design and operational standpoint and routinely assessed the policy needs to establish the proper policies governing use of information technology in support of fleet computer equipment and programming efforts for the development of specialized applications. While on orders I was assigned to Special Operations Task Force Southeast, my duties included planning and executing missions in support of Combined Joint Special Operation Task Force-Afghanistan comprising of 26 village stability platforms in conjunction with partner forces in local national Special Operation Forces. My supervisory responsibilities included leading the Tactical Operation Center (TOC) Command Post of the Future analyst and trained several sailors, soldiers and airmen in system operations and SOTF-SE applicable guidelines. I independently managed reviewed, advised and performed frequently under high pressure, working with the full range of IT architecture engineering, information safeguards, and computer and information technology tasks related to the planning, research, development, design, testing, evaluation and implementation of all aspects of network development and system engineering. Frequently detected the emergent problems via extensive probing and analysis in determining the nature and scope of the problems encountered. Often, I dealt with complex and demanding issues that were continuously changing which required effort in the development of new techniques and performance criteria so that each task undertaken would further the objectives of NSA programs and IT systems, which directly impacted readiness and national defense. Assignments often required the ability to conceive, initiate and evaluate programs and projects dealing with matters on where there were little precedence or guidance. Often efforts required prioritization where complex cost calculations weighed against benefits that are intangible and difficult to quantify. My background as a Facility Security Officer enables me to keep abreast of current IT requirements and guidelines that many IT professionals are unaware of.