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A Professional Consultant, Project Manager, and Trainer with an Industrial Engineering background. Thorough knowledge of Installing, Troubleshooting, and Administering Networks. Project Manager experienced in Managing Business Plans, Capital Planning, Business cases, ROIs, Employee and Resources Management, Budgets, and Training. SERVICE RELATED ENVIRONMENTS * Adjunct Instructor at Orange County Community College, January 2004 to Present, for the Applied Technology Dept and for the Continuing and Professional Education Dept. Teaching computer networking, hardware and application and accounting courses and student advising. Also doing Information Technology consulting, specializing in methods analysis, cost reduction, and implementing disaster recovery plans for clients. * Evaluator May 2006 to 2013 for the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Evaluate trades and information technology programs for colleges and schools that are accredited by ACICS. * Member of the Business Services Committee May, 2003 to 2004 for the Dutchess County Workforce Investment Board. Committee. Responsibilities include: approving and monitoring On the Job Training grants (OJT). Also approve and monitor OJT employers. The committee works closely with the Dutchess County One Stop to provide information to employers about the services the One Stop provides. * Administrator February 2003 - April 2004 for Dutchess County BOCES. Responsibilities included: Managed Business and Industry training programs. Worked with employers to determine training requirements and to coordinate training and services. Hired and managed instructors and developed courses. Developed a Trades Program for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Oil Heat, and a welding program. Was successful in getting $55,000 in donated equipment from HVAC and Oil Heating equipment manufactures. Worked with area oil heat companies to market the HVAC program and arranged potential employment for the HVAC program graduates. * Coordinator of Technology Training June 2002 - December 2003 for Orange County Community College. Responsibilities included: Attracted technology-based businesses to locate in Orange County. Assisted business to remain and expand in Orange County. Developed a workforce of skilled technical and management professionals. Developed, implemented, and evaluated a wide range of comprehensive technology training programs for business industry and individuals. Developed a Help Desk curriculum for Time Warner. * Project Manager May 2001 - June 2002 at Orange County Community College, CAPE Networking Technology. Helped obtain $150,000 in grants from NYS Dept of Labor and NYS Education Dept to do training for Time Warner Road Runner Division. Responsibilities included: Developed and designed the curriculum, which included training 100 technicians to install and troubleshoot PC hardware and install Road Runner for customers. Consulted with area businesses to develop and teach customized training courses for their employees. Companies included Time Warner, Frontier Communications, Warwick Telephone, and CRS Retail Systems. * Consultant April 2000 - 2001 for Time Warner Road Runner Division (Middletown and Newburgh) Consulted with the General Manager to develop a test instrument that was used to evaluate candidates for call center and field technician positions. Participated in resume review and face to face interviewing of candidates for the Technical Operations Manager position for the Road Runner Cable modem Division (Newburgh Middletown). Worked with the General Manager to clarify key skill requirements for various positions. The Roadrunner Division hired many students from the OCCC LAN Technology Program (see 500 LAN Technology Program). * Instructor Feb 1999 - May 2001 for a 500-hour LAN Technology Program at Orange County Community College. Also developed course for the Adult Continuing Education. This covered all major operating and network operating systems and the related hardware topologies and protocols. Created and presented the public open house, worked with Local State agencies for student enrollment. Designed and setup the LAB. Setup an open house for Consulting Agencies and prospective employers. An articulation agreement between CAPE and the credit side of the college granted 17 college credits to students that completed this program with at least a B average that enrolled in the new IT program. This was one of CAPE's most successful programs.





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