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Network Security Engineer


Avon, MN

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Information Security Manager * Six years expertise in building and managing IT Security departments. * In absence of CIO demonstrated return on investment for mutli-million dollar security departments to Board of Directors and senior management via annual and quarterly reports, resulting in budget increases and senior management buy-in for the last five years. * Closed thousands of audit findings and reduced material technology audit findings at Veridian to zero for the past three years. * Implemented alternate work schedules to maintain staff morale without salary increases. * Successfully led countermeasure projects for honeypot, net and token implementation * Designed a five-year strategy for two companies and provided plans to identify/manage current and emerging threats. * Process improvement and efficiency guru * Used geo-ip filtering and deployment of application layer firewalls to reduced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) alerts by 90%. * Reduced the risk of Command/Control traffic originating from owned assets by deploying DNS encryption/management solutions. * Achieved a 95% reduction in total instances of vulnerabilities by automating vulnerability identification and prioritization processes. * Lowered easily-guessed passwords by 85% through automated setting random passwords for new employees. * Implemented quarterly remote social engineering campaigns leading to the exploit of a 75% of all staff and 98% post exploitation successful retest rate. * Risk identification and mitigation expert * Removed weak passwords using password audits employing cracking tools: L0phtCrack 6, HashCat, Armitage, and Mimi Katz. * Implemented vulnerability discovery, prioritization, and risk mitigation (Nessus, Security Center, Metasploit, OpenVAS). * Conducted Dynamic Application Security Tests (DAST) with Burp Suite, Whitehat, ZAP Proxy, Acunetix. * Automated AD audits and remediation steps (AD Tidy, AD manager plus, PowerShell). * Aggregated, analyzed, and correlated event and firewall logs using Juniper's Security Threat and Response Manager (STRM), LogRhythm's SIEM, EIQ Network's Securevue SIEM, and Solarwinds Log Event Manager (LEM). * Seasoned Incident Response Lead * Led a cross-functional Incident Response team to successfully mitigate the risk of data breaches. * Developed and implemented Incident Response programs for three companies over the last 10 years. * Active Directory Master * Served as a Domain Admin for 11 years and as a Microsoft Certified IT Professional MCITP for seven years. * Automated user lifecycle (provisioning, transfer, termination) management across three domains. * Restructured three separate domains to a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model. * Implemented compensating controls to prevent Pass-the-Hash exploit in four domains. * Implementing strategic and operational IT security * Hired a development staff and led them to develop .NET application automating user provisioning, transfers, and terminations. * Implemented and managed a Web Application Firewall (WAF). * Implemented a multi-factor authentication for internal/external assets (Duo-Security /Authy). * Instituted and managed DDOS and Geo-IP filtering solutions (Corero/Palo Alto). * Oversaw Endpoint Security agents, antivirus, whole-disk encryption, application whitelisting, and device control (Dell Data Protection, Cylance, Symantec Endpoint Protection, MacAfee Drive Encryption). * Implemented, maintained and customized a McAfee Host and Network Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system.


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(Confidential) Information Security Officer 5/2013 - Present
Group O Inc. It Security Administrator 3/2012 - 5/2013
Nv Energy It Security Analyst Ii 8/2007 - 3/2012
Bell Technical Services Llc Owner/Operator 1/2006 - 3/2012



WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY Information Systems Network Administration 2011 Bachelor Degree




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