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Medical Records Technician


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5+ years professional data analysis and statistical programming experience with SQL/PL SQL, R, SAS, Tableau on large relational administrative PHI (Protected health information) databases (e.g. Medicaid, Mental Health Automatic Record System (MHARS)) * MS in bio-statistics, with solid experience on statistical model, including logistic regression, linear regression, mixed effects modeling, and Cox proportional hazards model * Solid experience on supporting state-operated administrations * Strong analytical, problem solving skills, strong in interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills Research Scientist II at Office of Mental Health, New York State Oct. 2013 - Now * Independent project 1. Assessed New York State Health Home Care Management program (for mental health population) o Performed cross group work to establish strategies (KPI) for assessment o Created reusable SAS macro codes/SQL codes to extract, clean, manipulate and analyze administrative/survey data from relational databases for monthly updating reports o Visualized analyzed outcome by tableau, created dynamic dashboard for different initiatives o Promoted tableau product to public (including NYSOMH Official website) using tableau server, wrote tableau project user guide and presented in meetings to public users * Independent project 2. Constructed and maintained data infrastructure for researchers o Designed and built project framework with management o Automated major tables generating procedures by PL/SQL, SQL with complex business rules from large scale relational database o Wrote procedure to maintain integrity and ensure accuracy of table in production o Documented whole procedure process, data dictionary, and summary of data infrastructure system for reference * Independent project 3. Provided PHI records analysis for NYNYIII (housing program in New York City) o Collaborated with NYSDOH (Department of Health) and NYCOMH, feeding data for their research purpose o Matched raw data from NYNYIII housing program with OMH CAIRS database, using problematic methods, obtained individuals information in hospital stay. o Met with group members in New York City sites for reviews of most recent publications and studies * On regular basis o Wrote SAS/SQL code to maintain completeness, quality and integrity of dataset for other teams in the office o Responded to massive Ad-hoc data requests from providers/facilities/Governor's office, met with requesters to demonstrate report outcomes o Supervised interns and peers on database training and producing general reports Research assistant at Office of Mental Health, New York State Sep. 2012 - Aug. 2013 * Key Project: Youth Health Indicator study for Health Promotion in Youth with Psychiatric Disorders: Body Mass Index Percentile Improvement. o Developed literature reviews and study proposals for the project o Created SAS codes to identify demographic characteristics, medication use and clinical profiles of patients engaged in the YHI program from relational database MHARS o Performed descriptive analyses by graphs and statistical tests from knowledge of statistical principle, and provided statistical inference for the project by applying mixed effect regression model o Produced statistical briefs, summarized manuscript and prepared project PowerPoint for interpretation and presentation





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