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GOAL To be employed within the hospitality hotel or cruise ship industry/sector as an Executive Chef where the skills techniques and knowledge gained from working in similar and various capacities (e.g. chef tournant sous chef executive sous chef and executive chef can be used and applied. PROFILE * An innovative Executive Chef with more than 20 years' experience gained from employment within the hospitality, hotel and cruise ship industry and sectors. * Proficient in creating different cuisines, for example, Italian, French, Spanish, Caribbean, Mediterranean, American, English. * Adopts "hands-on" practical approach in the work place especially under demanding circumstances, * A trained and certified professional food manager with abilities, strengths and competencies in: * Supervising, overseeing, leading and managing large team of employees. * Recruiting, training and mentoring staff, * Assuming responsibility for activities in the kitchen as well as restaurant, * Implementing. innovative strategies and procedures for increased effectiveness and efficiency in the work place in areas such as budgeting, purchasing, cost control, time management, waste, spoilage and accident reduction, * The theory and practice of health and safety and the enforcement of these in the food preparation and food handling environment. CRUISE SHIP EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Worked on the following cruise ships/liners catering, some of which catered to as many as 2500 passengers. Performed duties and tasks in the positions assigned with key responsibilities required for such positions. Skills detailed in profile were applied as well. * EXECUTIVE CHEF: "Song of America", Royal Caribbean CC., Monaco * March 1982 - June 1990, * SOUS CHEF: "S/S Majestic ", Premier Cruise Line, Orlando FL * August 1990-July 1991 * EXECUTIVE CHEF: "Monarch of The Seas", Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ltd, Miami FL Sept 1991 - Sept 192 * SENIOR SOUS CHEF:" "S/S Oceanic Stella Cruise Line Company", Oct. 1992 - Oct 1993", * EXECUTIVE SOUS CHEF: "Island Escape ", Louis Cruise Line Ltd, Company, Limassol, Nicosia December 1993 - Dec 1994 * SOUS CHEF: "Discovery ", Maritimes Hotel Managements, Larnaca-Dhekelia, Cyprus January 1995 - January -1996 * EXECUTIVE SOUS CHEF:" Songs of America", Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ltd, Miami, Florida March 1996 - Sept -1996 * Chef De Cuisine: "M/V Sunbird", Thompson Cruises Ltd, Barcelona, Spain Dec- 1996 - August- 1997 * Sous Chef: "S/S Royal" Premier Cruise Line Ltd., Cape Canaveral, Florida Oct - 1997 - April - 1998 * EXECUTIVE CHEF: "Star Clippers", Star Clippers Shipping Company, Monte Carlo, Monaco June.1998-Dec-1998 HOTEL SECTOR/RESTURANT EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Worked at various hotels and restaurants performing duties and tasks in the positions assigned with key responsibilities required for such positions. Skills detailed in profile were applied as well. * EXECUTIVE CHEF: "Sebastian's Hotel, Tortola, British Virgin Islands Jan 2015 - July 2018 * SOUS CHEF: 'Sugar mill Hotel", Tortola, British Virgin Island Nov- 2013 Nov 2015 * EXECUTIVE CHEF: "Pussers Restaurant", Tortola British Virgin Islands, Oct- 2012 Oct 2013 * HEAD CHEF: "Basanni's Restaurant", Road Town Tortola BVI Sep 2011 Sep- 2012 * EXECUTIVE CHEF: "Jolly Roger's Restaurant', West End Tortola BVI Jan- 2007 July- 2011 * EXECUTIVE CHEF: "Escape Hotel", The Gap Bridgetown Barbados Sep 2004 Dec 2006 * SENIOR SOUS CHEF: "Woodfield Country Club, " Boca Raton Florida Jul 2001 Jul 2004 * COOK TOURANT: "Southern Palms Hotel", Christ Church Barbados Jan- 1976 Jan- 1977 * COMMIS CHEF: "Regency Cove Hotel, " Hasting CH CH Barbados Feb- 1977 Feb- 1979 * CHEF TOURANT: "Sandy Beach Hotel", Worthing CH CH Barbados Jan-1978 Feb-1980 Key Achievements: * Reduced Workers' Compensation costs 20% ($80.000 annually) by improving safety plans and implementing employee training, management accountability and equipment security. * Designed wine and food pairings that generated a full 75% increase in daily Chef's special sales. * Established good working relationships with customers/clients * Developed new quality standards for better quality performance and reliability. * Solving a problem or challenge, e.g., decreasing customer complaints * Developing an idea that my employer acted on Directed a team/group/organization


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