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Administrative Assistant

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COVER LETTER: To Whom It May Concern: I am very excited to see that there are open positions within the Town of Plymouth. I am hoping to be able to work as an Administrative Assistant for the Public Health Department. I am a very driven, organized, responsible person who has a background in the healthcare field. I have experience from working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in Hingham, MA since January of 2000, and working as a Medical Receptionist at Health Express Urgent Care in Plymouth, MA since May of 2015. Through my work history, I have acquired years of experience in management, client communication, teamwork, team leadership, and flexibility when becoming accustomed to new roles in the workplace. I am customer service oriented, self-motivated, and overall, enjoy working with people. I believe that my experience in healthcare, my ability to work in fast-paced environments, diligent work style, willingness for change, and eagerness to continue my journey working within the healthcare field make me the perfect candidate for this job. Attached is my resume for review. I would be more than happy to further discuss how my skills, strengths, knowledge and abilities can help best fulfill a position within the Town of Plymouth Department of Public Health. Thank you in advance for your time





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