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Senior Physical and Nuclear Chemist with Experience in O&G and Nuclear Energy




Odessa, TX

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I have a diverse background in that I have managed both large (>$1,000,000,000) and small problems (a few thousand dollars). I supervised programs that have both large and small teams. I can help you quantify and resolve business risk in complex technical issues using Monte Carlo Risk Analysis (I actually "wrote the book" on this subject - Monte Carlo Risk Analysis and Due Diligence of new Business Ventures (AMACOM) 2002).


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Iowa State University Physical and Nuclear Chemistry 1974 Doctorate Degree
University of Central Oklahoma Chemistry, Minors(Math and Physics) 1969 Bachelor Degree



• Assigned by the Secretary of Defense (Harold Brown) and Harold Agnew (then the Director at Los Alamos), to lead a team of 50 US scientists and engineers to evaluate the primary competing technologies that were rapidly evolving into “particle beam” weapon technologies (US Particle-Beam Technology Program). This effort provided a “roadmap” for solving the key scientific issues. (LA-7640-MS), 04 Jan 1979, classified SNSI for the Office of the Secretary of Defense). • Routinely informed senior representatives of both the Executive and Legislative portions of the US Government about Los Alamos weapon programs. • Developed Monte Carlo Simulation Models for the prediction of Chemical Reactions, Physical processes and financial systems. • Assistant Leader of a team that evaluated the purchase of oil and gas production in Siberia from Lukoil by Frankenburg Inc. of Houston, a subsidiary of the Liechtenstein holding company Frankenburg Est. The property is in northern Siberia ~158 km north of Surgut, near Kogalym • Authored and published a book (James F. Wright, “Monte Carlo Risk Analysis and the Due Diligence of New Business Ventures”, New York: AMACOM, 2002) on applying an “asymmetric” probabilistic Monte Carlo process to better understand and define the risk (with the risk metric being money spent) • Brought in ~$7 million in funds from Federal, State and Local sources to start the Engineering Programs at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. • James F. Wright, (Project Director), Authored “Pre-conceptual Design for the High-Temperature Teaching and Test Reactor” in 3 Volumes: 1) Technical and Design Plan (01/25/2007), 2) Academic Plan (11/10/2007), and 3) Business Plan (11/30/2007). • Served as a primary interface between the Director’s Office of Los Alamos National Laboratory and appropriate Federal Government components in Congress and the Executive Branch. • Served as a Team Leader of the American Subsidiary of a Swiss company (Frankenburg Est.) in purchase of oil and gas production near Kogalym, Okrug (in Siberia) near Surgut in the USSR. • Operated an Oil and Gas Consulting Company in the Permian Basin of west Texas. • Merging, Controlling and Optimizing Various Technologies • Technical Due Diligence • Adopted the use of Monte Carlo Theory to address “Risk” in the business sector. • Help Clients “Sell” Technologies, Concepts, Services, etc. • Served as an Expert Witness before Texas Regulators and in Texas Courts • Intellectual Properties • Computer Hardware and Software • Energy (Petroleum and Nuclear) • Industrial Waste-Water Treatment • Radiation Measurements

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I retired in 11/2017. I want to go back to work! I have worked alone and on projects where I managed 200 people on a multi-billion dollar project while on loan to the DOD.


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