David W

Air Force - 20 Years of Experience - Near 80421


Air Force

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To gain a position and build a career in which my skills, combined with my management experience, would serve the company while promoting personal growth. Experience in soldering circuit card assemblies to NASA specification 8739 series. Experience with J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 specifications. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Proficient at interpreting drawings, diagrams, part lists, inspection standards, revision control, reference documents and work instructions. Ability to perform effectively in a manufacturing environment and in conjunction with delivery schedules and customer requirements. Highly flexible in a fast paced continuously changing environment. Experience/training with Space Flight Hardware including data collection requirements. Designed and developed a special, close tolerance tool, for forming radial leaded components in a nonstandard position. Estimated savings for company exceeded 100,000 dollars per year. . Familiar with a wide variety of telecommunications equipment with multi-functioning signals and multi-tasking abilities in a central office environment. Worked with general cable routing, grounding, hardware wiring, iron work/bays/equipment rack installation, auxiliary bracing of high and low framing, sewing, wire wrapping, lacing, stitching & lugging, tapping, crimping, bonding/fire stopping, BDFD cabinet panels, AC power systems, and backup DC power systems. Load, unload, and position munitions on F-16 aircraft. Perform armament systems maintenance functions. Analyze malfunctions and perform functional checks of the Stores Management System (SMS). Plan, organize, and direct aircraft armament systems maintenance activities. Establish and evaluate performance and training standards, maintenance controls, and procedures. Check methods and techniques used to load and unload munitions on aircraft, to repair and maintain aircraft release and gun systems, and to maintain, repair, and modify associated equipment analyze productivity and work quality. Determine probable effect of modifications on future maintenance and operational problems. Fully trained in Alert launch and recovery procedures on F-16 aircraft. Serviced aircraft and performed post-flight, pre-flight, thru-flight, and phase inspections. Inspected, troubleshot and maintained aircraft structures, systems, components, and related equipment. Removed and installed aircraft components, conducted functional tests of repaired components and systems, and performed aircraft jacking, lifting, and towing operations. 2+ years experience inspecting, troubleshooting and maintaining E& E systems on C-130 aircraft. Equipment included electrical wiring and connectors direct and alternating current gas turbine compressors and auxiliary power units landing gear, ant-skid, and nose wheel steering electronic engine control, ignition, and starting lighting master caution and warning take-off warning flight control cargo door and cargo delivery equipment anti-icing fire and overheat warning fire extinguishing and suppression fuel control liquid cooling air conditioning bleed air, cabin pressurization oxygen, and aircraft utility systems. 3.96 GPA. 2100 hours (50% hands on training). Avionics major navigation & communications systems with Bench, Line/Check, and Install/Modification Levels: -DME -Autopilot -FAN's/TAWS, LAAS & WAAS -Weather Radar -Transponder -EGPWS -Comm/NAV -VHF -FMS -INS/IRS -Satcom -ACARS -EFIS -GPS, EGPS, DGPS -EICAS/ECAM 3.99 GPA 1980 hours (50% hands on training). Metallic Structures Powerplant Systems Composite Structures Turbine Engines & Operation Gas and Electric Welding Reciprocating Engines Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems Fuel Metering & Lubrication Systems Instrument/NavCom Systems Propellers/Exhaust Systems Completed 72 semester hours toward Associates in Aircraft Armament Systems Technology.