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Program Manager

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ACCOMPLISHMENTS Client Relations/Retention * Lead change management within Federal Civilian sector to reorganize and increase efficiency to support Special Operations and strategic military objectives. * Liaised with multiple agencies within the government and private sector to drive infrastructure improvement and mission success over 11 years. * Conducted risk analysis and mitigation strategies across infrastructure, logistics and placement and access to ensure strategic and tactical objectives could be achieved with 100% success rate. Project/Budget Management * Special Operations Mission Coordinator: Coordinated all activities, cradle to grave, for placement and access, sustained security, identity management, intelligence collection, logistical support and financial stewardship. * Maintained strict budgetary controls and maximized government accountability by utilizing efficient business and personnel management techniques. * Ensured mission accomplishment within deadlines with zero discrepancies over 11 consecutive years. * Human Resource planning, position development and creation. Business Development/Proposals * Analyzed strategic market research, business development, and financial information relative to start up private business. * Created business plan and garnered financial backing for multi-million dollar family entertainment business. Dan S. Fuller Page 2 Experienced with Project Management practices and terminology * Project Management Course - Graduate School * Contracting Officer's Representative Course * HR Management for Supervisors * Experienced Leader and Manager in both military and civilian sector * Private Investigator, Virginia * Interviewing, assessing, evaluating, recruiting