Mujtaba M

System Administrator - 7 Years of Experience - Near 60645


System Administrator


Chicago, IL

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SUMMARY: * Ten years of experience in System Administration in Linux/ Unix / Windows / Citrix Environments in Large Enterprises involving installation, administration, configuration and deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x/5.x/6.x, CentOS and installation of packages and patches for Red hat Linux Servers. * Highly Experienced in Installing, Monitoring and Maintaining Multiple Operating Systems through (script) automations * Experience in Kernel updating in Red Hat Linux 4.x/5.x/6.x servers. * Installation, Configuration & administration of Redhat Cluster and managing with the Conga * Eight years of experience in System Security Implementation, Management of multiple clusters for Data Analysis, Scientific Research etc. * Experienced in Deployment Automation for hundreds of systems over Multiple Clusters and Geographic Locations * Experienced in Hardware and Software Systems Management * Expertise in Disk and File System Management using in RHEL( LVM related), Solaris (SVM related), Semantec / Varitas (Storage Foundation for Linux & Solaris) * Experienced in User Management in all POSIX systems * Highly Experienced in Systems monitoring, Performance tuning, Automating Backups & Restoration * Five years of experience in virtualization in various platforms ( Linux, Solaris, AIX, VMware) * Highly experienced in deploying virtual environments in RHEL systems using KVM, LC, Xen etc. * Expertise in Creating and Managing Datacenters based on AWS, KVM, Open Source Cloud software ( OpenStack, CloudStack etc) * Expertise in planning and executing Migrations ( physical/virtual) in most Virtualization environments * Highly Experienced in Deploying Applications in Linux/UNIX Environments * Expertise in deploying Application Servers, Web Servers, Databases, ETL Tools in Linux/UNIX Environment * Experienced in installing and Managing Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, on RHEL and Solaris Systems * Experienced in Installing and Managing Oracle, DB2, MySQL Databases on RHEL and Solaris environments * Highly Experienced in configuring storage for Linux/UNIX systems * Expertise in Network Storage Solutions using NAS Appliances, iSCSI SAN, NFS etc. * Experienced in FC SAN Storage Management using Brocade and HP Storage Works FC Switches and Directors * Worked with customers to design and configure the JIRA and Confluence applications (e.g. projects, workflows, screens, fields, permissions, plug-ins) * Well-versed Hardware and OS Configuration of FC based Networks ( QLogic, Brocade FC HBAs, FabricOS) * Expertise in configuring Linux/UNIX Networking, Configuring LANs, VLAN, VPN, Firewall, Internet Security Devices and F5 Load Balancing * Excellent knowledge of DNS, Install and BIND configuration * Good knowledge of Perl, Ruby and Python. * Experienced in configuring Cisco Routers and Switches * Expertise in Server Hardening using various tools in Linux/UNIX environment * Experienced in configuring Software Firewall ( Iptables/firewall/fw) * Experienced in configuring SSL, SSL Certificate Creation, TLS for Active Directory * Excellent knowledge of configuring NIS, LDAP * Familiar with Firewall rules on Appliances like pfsense Firewall hardware * Good knowledge of shell scripting ( bash/csh/kshetc) * Familiar with java, C++, HTML etc. * Highly experience in coordinating events with clients and various development groups on and off shore * Experience with providing support to development teams: Handling issues, tickets and 24/7 support etc. * Switched Virtual servers to various devices in order to minimize the downtime for planned maintenance of the host system. * Hands on experience in Amazon's Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. * Simplified the process of continuous server mirroring by virtualization to reduce unexpected downtime. Experienced with Atlassian Suite (JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, Bamboo, Stash) software including installation and implementation, System upgrades, Performance tuning, server optimization, Data migration and Custom configuration. * Quickly diagnose and understand technical issues and resolutions across a variety of applications & environments using JIRA. * Extensive SQL skills with the ability to develop custom reports in external tools * Experience of working in an international team/support environment Experienced with software development processes and UML modeling Experienced with Active Directory User Administration. * Communicating and negotiating with users, specialists, other staff and suppliers. * Network connectivity troubleshooting, ping, tracert, telnet. * Responsible for communication protocols, configuration, integration & security. * Investigating, diagnosing and resolve all network problems. * Maintaining pre-packaged software applications on the LAN. * Upgrading and repairing faults on CIS systems, networks & peripheral equipment. * Cisco & HP switch configuration in particular VLAN configuration/troubleshooting. * Working with multiple technical platforms i.e. mainframe, two-tiered client-servers and three-tiered client-servers. * .NET ( ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET) * WIRLESS Networking, WINDOWS Networking * MS Office (Package) * Good understanding of routing, switching and administration. * Ability to explain technical issues clearly to non-technical colleagues. * Thorough understanding of Windows, UNIX, NT. * LINUX administration. * Extensive knowledge of Microsoft based operating systems, including Windows Server 2008.