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Database Administrator - 20 Years of Experience - Near 98110


Database Administrator

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Summary: Mr. Golden has over 35 years of helping generate millions of dollars of revenue by providing 24/7 up time, and cost saving by providing the most cost effective technology choices. His experience has been both developing and supporting mission critical applications for some of the largest world's banks, telecoms, and pharmaceutical firms. Having installed one of the first VMS Clustered VMS systems in NYC for a Major Swiss Bank that generated over $50M in trading profits, he went on to 15 years experience with Clustered Databases, including developing backup and recovery for toll free calling service for Belcor. For Merck/Medco he resolved major cluster contention and performance issues for Merck's automated pharmacy allowing the generation of over $100M/yr in revenue. While at FICC (Wall St. agency that clears all USA publicly traded debt securities $1.5 Trillion in Volume), he help designed the new settlement database That allowed brokers to save over $10M in cost by replacing key entered trades with automated Internet/MQ based trade entry, while allowing the agency to increase revenue by $100M/yr by handling more trades. A post 9/11 survivor he learn from others' mistakes on what to and not to do about business continuity, by using Data Guard, Extended RAC and SAN Replication. His most recent efforts have been centered on cutting costs through server consolidation on RAC, while increase security using Oracle security suite, such as the $500K annual cost saving the State of Oregon saw by consolidate seven Sun Servers to a three AIX node RAC, Knowledgable in open source db's mysql, Hadoop and Cassandra.