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Develop drive and produce reality scenes interviews and specialty shoots Establish, practices, and meetings and manage relationships with players coaches football staff university staff students fans and their families Summary * Produce weekly Dodgers Magazine Show "Dodgers Clubhouse" * Collaborate on the creation, development and launch of "Dodgers Clubhouse" Emmy Award-Winning Sports * Oversee all content and logistics Producer with over 18 years * Develop, drive and produce segments/features within show of experience with major * Manage production schedule-including talent, guests, and production staff networks * Manage relationship and communication with Dodgers Noteworthy LINE PRODUCER UFC on FS1 : Jan 2016 - Mar 2016 Los Angeles, CA MVPs Interviewed 16 * Studio Producer for UFC Weigh-In, Prefight, and Postfight shows * Oversee all day-to-day show content and logistics 56 Major Sports * Build rundowns, write copy, develop content with staff, talent, and analysts Stadiums/Arenas Visited Tennis Channel : Nov 2015 - Mar 2016 Culver City, CA 185 Yards of MyOne Hole in Longest * Studio Producer for Tennis Channel Live * Oversee all day-to-day show content and logistics * Build rundowns, write copy, develop content with staff, talent, and analysts KCBS/KCAL : Feb 2004 - Feb 2014 Los Angeles, CA 1 * Studio Producer for Lakers Pregame, Lakers Postgame, Dodgers Pregame and Sports Central National Sports Emmy Award * Oversee all day-to-day show content and logistics within shows * Write copy for talent, build graphics, communicate with staff, and talent * Manage day-to-day production schedule-including talent and production staff * Develop and produce features for show * Extensive experience Field Producing coverage of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL Playoffs * Cultivate and manage relationship with Lakers, Dodgers, and all LA Area Teams 4 Super Bowls Attended FEATURE PRODUCER * TAPE ROOM 4 NBA Finals Covered PRODUCER * HIGHLIGHT SUPERVISOR 5 World Series Covered NFL Network : Sep 2004 - Feb 2008 Culver City, CA * Conceptualize, field produce, write, and edit features for NFL Total Access 5 MLB All-Star Games Covered * Work with control room to quickly turnaround content, news, and highlights * Oversee production and execution of highlights for NFL GameDay