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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Government * 38 years' experience in Supply Logistics, inventory management, quality assurance/analysis on corrective actions and and inspection * 32 years supervisory and training experience in supply, transportation, and related logistical areas * 18 years' experience utilizing Microsoft Office application, Word and Excel databases/SAP programs * Dedicated, responsible, reliable, and continually strives to improve upon areas of responsibility * Well versed in written and oral communication from the customer to high corporate level * Experienced in use of Forklifts up to 10K, pallet jacks and other Special Purpose Vehicles and Materiel Handling Equipment * 05/2005 - Present Quality Assurance Inspector, Flight Chief, Materiel Management Flight-Operations Manager, Program Manager, Supply Analyst and Supply/Transportation Discrepancy Program Manager Lead inspector for the daily operation of the warehouse, customer service, inventory, inspection, weapons storage/usage. Reviews current Department of Defense, OSHA, and Air Force regulations for proper storage, handling, safety, security, and movement of critical Air Force material. Supply head guru for policies and procedures of Supply Chain Management. Orchestrated the daily operations of 8 diverse sections including shipping, storage, and customer service/support. Receive, storage, shelf-life, and selection of $32 million of critical aircraft, transportation, communication, and hazardous parts. Provide customer service to wing personnel on any discrepancy or question concerning the Logistics Readiness Squadron. Resolve funding issues, incorrect part, discrepant assets, and general supply questions. Count property for warehouse accuracy, inspect items for correct quantities, markings and warehouse storage locations. Run the precious metal program, ensure wing personnel that consume precious metal collect the waste material to for recovery of funds through the recycle program and credit to their units accounts. Provide specialized training to our logistics officers, military personnel and civilians on the logistics processes. Update TBA with all training actions. Review, inventory, and tag $45 million dollars worth of testers and equipment items. Support 236 different organizations and 500 personnel. Conducts training classes for equipment management, bench stock and due-in from maintenance (DIFM) assets. Review listings, contact base DIFM monitors on the movement of reparable parts so they can be collected and returned to the repair depot as soon as possible. Time Change Technical Order (TCTO) Manager for the wing. Order, store, and issue the assets for wing modifications under the TCTO program. Coordinate with the Item Manager at the depots to get disposition instructions on assets with material deficiencies (MDR). Process turn-in and shipment requests for DIFM, TCTO, and MDR assets when receive instructions on where to send the assets. IUID program marking 100% of asset in the data base, benchmarked by ACC. Coordinate GPC purchases for 150 personnel. Coordinates the flight unfunded list with the squadron resource advisor. Brief squadron/group commanders on supply data effecting the daily operations of the F16, T38A Trainers, F4E Drones, MQ-1 Predators, and MQ-9 Reapers. Prepared mission capability slide for briefing to group and wing commander on the health of the fleet research additional information that for incomplete data. Authored Operational Instructions and Organizational Regulations/Manual Supplement effecting job requirements for Logistics Readiness Organization and quality control inspector for all areas. Wrote new squadron operating instructions. Linked supplements electronically with the master manual for a one click access for base personnel who accessed the main manual. Representative for acquisition phase for the bed-down of a new airframe and drawdown or outgoing airframes. Process 5,700 new item requirements for the F16 aircraft and 96% of assets were received within 120 days. Shipped 186K F-22 assets to the next installation in 45 days. Assisted inbound freight section with the resolution of 5K problems items, researched the history on each item, counted warehouse balances, and processed the corrective action to gain the assets. Trained squadron inbound freight, customer service, and Bear Base personnel on the Supply Discrepancy Reports program. When assets are received at the base that have a problem, initiated a report with the owning source of supply, generated the report, followed up on the report until it was resolved. Refunded 95% of damaged or shortage funds while working the program. Created analysis reports semi-annually on lost assets and forwarded to command. ACC point of contact on the supply discrepancy report program. Researched FEDLOG and D043 system for new item loads determined the source of supply, classification, fund authorization, hazardous codes, part number, end item user and recoverability codes. Reject monitor for the element reviewed, researched, analyzed, and provided corrective actions on documentation that rejected within the Standard Base Supply System and the Enterprise Solution System. Clear all accountable/accountable document through the Electronic Document Control System. Monitors compliance with Air Force regulations procedures and processes utilized in the development, delivery and performance of daily job performances and performs inspections on proper supply procedures. Input discrepancies, corrective actions, and documentation in the MICT system. Coordinates with item and system managers on critical spares and mission critical shortfalls ensured high levels of management at the source of supply were aware of the impact to our mission. 10/1999 - 09/2004 Logistics Operations and Readiness - Department Manager, Logistics Operation Flight, Logistics Readiness Center, and Readiness Spares Package (RSP) and Warehouse Supervised 30 personnel with multiple job specialties and six logistical functional areas Stored, determined requirements for increase or decrease on hand assets, and warehoused critical aircraft support kits with a 98% fill rate. The highest in ACC. Managed two aircraft mobility kits and ran a warehouse valued at $56.2 million and two communication mission support kits, the kits were always in a ready condition to ship out whenever they were required. Shipped both aircraft kits out at the same time to two different locations no frustrated cargo. Accomplished kit acceptance inventory, inventoried all assets within the first 24 hours, no discrepancies noted. Inventory maintenance unit's material and found outdated expired material and shortage of oils and fluids. Ordered replacement items and received before they affected the mission. Conducted weekly inventories on 934 line-item critical spares warehouse maintained 100% inventory accuracy. Selected spare assets for 13 F-117A RSP kits processed paperwork, inspected, and transported cargo supported 2 short notice contingency deployments, 9 training exercises, and three international airshows Liaison between Logistics Plans aircraft maintenance, and supply managers controlled $175K inventory. Deployed as Logistics Planner. Arranged ticket for deploying personnel, processed the shipping documents for the cargo. Responsible for the monies used to support the deployment. Set up the funds, supply accounts, vehicle accounts. Signed for the vehicles used during the deployments. Purchased replacement supplies (boots, gloves, etc.). Led business related supply support supported four F-117A Exercise Red Flag training missions maintained $105 thousand support budget, and managed Mobility Support Kits (MSK) valued at $14 million. Analyzed Aircraft Sustainability Model Program data informed management wartime spares sustainability. Coordinated with small computers program managers to create a webpage to track deployed supply assets. Webpage allowed overview of deployed posture whenever home station wanted to review. Managed the Engine Management Program and personnel responsible for computing and scheduling engine flight hours for preventive maintenance, also controls repair and modification on 316 aircraft engines. Oversaw the Stock Control and Mission Capable MICAP) functions for all assigned weapon systems. Call in point for initial request. Researched the technical order for possible substitute or next higher assembly, process the request. Contacted SCOG on the new MICAP requirement, contacted the depot for asset availability, processed the receipt of the property and issued the asset to the requestor on an average of 48 hours. * Provided asset tracking visibility through local, Government, and Commercial Contracted Websites * Conceptualized the development of a secure webpage giving immediate logistical pipeline status of MICAP and repairable assets allow real time data from any internet capable computer system worldwide * Conducted quarterly surveillance inspections focusing on supply procedures in logistics/maintenance arena 12/1997 - 01/1999 Supply Customer Service - Supervisor, Customer Service Flight/Individual Equipment Element (IEE) * Supervised 24 personnel provided guidance and training to wing customers on bench stock, equipment, new item load, stock research, and specialized clothing and safety equipment to the wing populace * Managed the daily operation of Retail Sales store, maintained a large array of military uniforms, safety and desert boots, and other crucial military equipment * Designed and operated a 10,000 square foot warehouse stocked, inventoried, inspected, and processed 45,000 computer transactions for military uniforms, desert clothing, flak vests, and helmets replacements * Developed/implemented and EXCEL database for inventory, cataloging, and processing manual documents * Operated a centralized base storage and turn-in point for all mobility support equipment valued at $200,000 * Provided logistics customer assistance to wing personnel resolved 12,000 customer complaints or inquiries * Supply College Processor instructed Supply Procedures and IEE procedures, trained new supply personnel * Responsible for item manager coordination, load, and review of 1,500 new item records loads * Supervised the ordering, storage, and handling of highly pilferable items * Conducted periodic and annual warehouse location validations and scheduled inventories 051994 - 111997 Aircraft Supply Support - Supervisor, Dedicated Aircraft Supply Support * Supervised 5 individuals provided logistical support to 20 F-15C/D aircraft, support equipment, and testers * Secured, stored, and handled classified, sensitive, explosive, hazardous, high-value, and pilferable assets * Managed Depot Level Repairable Program rotating $21 million repairable assets through the supply system * Inspected incoming and outgoing assets through the maintenance and supply system, determined the condition, status, and interchangeability of assets utilizing Standard Base Supply System and technical data * Coordinated with Maintenance Repair technicians to determine condition of assets requiring functional tests * Led supply/maintenance deployments to support Operation PROVIDE COMFORT, Exercises RED FLAG, MAPLE FLAG, and AFRICAN EAGLE, provided complete supply liaison support to all base deployed aircraft 05/1991 - 05/1994 Procedures and Mission Support - Supervisor Mission Support (MICAP) and Procedures and Analysis Element * Supervised 8 individuals provided spares availability, visibility, and metrics for two weapon systems * Managed MICAP function for F-111F and F-15 aircraft, vehicles, communication, and support equipment * Provided status and asset movement data via the MICAP Asset Sourcing System to Executive Officers daily * Processed support shipments for other Air Force units and cannibalization actions for maintenance * Managed the squadron terminal security, reject, and shipment discrepancy report programs * Supervised self-inspection and Surveillance Program, maintained supply regulations, posted changes * Developed and maintained the supply portion of support plans and agreements * Provided technical assistance, guidance, and direction to all organizations supported by the supply system





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