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I I worked out, described in papers, and coded mathematical algorithms to compute spatial positioning (computer vision) from camera images and implemented the solutions as stand-alone Windows programs of my own conception and design to solve three-dimensional geometrical problems aimed at improving methods of field testing and reporting at Yuma Proving Ground. I carried out simulation testing of these programs as well as field tests, continually doing unit testing of my own code and building up my software libraries. I have been using C# .Net ever since it was first released by Microsoft about eight or nine years ago. I have written countless Windows programs and controls, mostly graphical, to accomplish what I have needed to do. Earlier, I designed and programmed database projects using SQL queries, VBA, and VB6. I participated in converting earlier versions of Microsoft code, including COM, to .Net code. Since we did not need the full functionality of Xml, I wrote code for a restricted Xml, entirely adequate for serialization. I developed wrapper libraries for DirectX and developed my own 3D viewer independent of DirectX for engineering purposes, when DirectX was not precise enough. I once created a cyan-and-red display of data for stereoscopic viewing with anaglyph glasses. (This actually worked, but was not better than the alternative 3D display method: moving the vantage.) I created a 3D stick-figure animation to show the capabilities of PhaseSpace, a 3D capture system . I wrote a program that was used to access data from PhaseSpace on a real-time basis, transform it to any customized referenced frame, and transmit it over the local intranet using UDP packets. I did all of this 3D work in C# .Net exclusively, for company use only, not for the public Internet. - taught a full load of EFL classes in the university's Escuela de Idiomas. I developed a course in English phonemics for EFL teachers which I taught five times. Using MS Visual Basic I developed computer programs of use to language teachers and students. These include a program to do phonemic transcription using a large base of lexical data. I taught a course on the history of the English language several times. Most of my courses included instruction in English grammar and composition. I had a work permit from the I developed a testing system tailored to the company's principal product Scientific Word a word processor for mathematics science and engineering based on derivatives of the type-setting language TeX. The system availed itself of two Microsoft products: MSTest and Visual Basic. The system was able to select tests run lists of tests and report results using a carefully maintained test bank of over two thousand bug tests and stress tests. I wrote or rewrote most of these tests and trained four new hires to write and maintain them. A special feature of this system is its ability to produce for manual testing a detailed English narrative of each test from the automated test coded in MSTest Basic and commented in a special way. I took a full load of graduate math courses and taught calculus. I taught a full load (three classes) of English a foreign language in the university's Escuela de Idiomas. - The 20 year-period between my graduation from the University of Dallas in 1970 and my employment at UABC in 1991 included two-