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9+ years of professional experience in the Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c), RAC DBA, Database Installation, Upgrading, Migration, Patching, Performance Tuning, RAC Installation, all kind of Backups and Recoveries, Cloning, systems Analysis, design and development of complex OLTP, Data Warehouse, RDBMS for different domains like Retail, Finance, Mortgage and Telecom Domains. Oracle Certified Professional 12c Database Administration. About Expertise * Specialization in configuring and maintaining very large Databases and Data Warehouse environments, Backup/Recovery using RMAN and high availability procedures like Standby Databases and Clustered database environments. * Planned and implemented high availability solutions using Oracle 11g/10g RAC, Standby Database management. * Perform database software installation, configurations, patches, and upgrades Oracle 9i, 10g 11g and 12c in various environments. * Skilled communicator, thorough in explaining complex IT knowledge to subordinates, and management. * Implement Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (OEM 10g/12c/13c) for centralized monitoring and administration. * Experience in the Administration and Development of Client/Server applications using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL etc. * Experience in applying Opatch and Patch set in the stand alone, RAC and Exadata databases. * Experience in database performance monitoring, analysis and tuning. * Provided 24x7 production support for Oracle 12c/11g/10g databases on various platforms on rotational basis. * Proficient in all DBA responsibilities such as Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, Patches, Backup (Cold and Hot), Recovery, Cloning, Space management, Troubleshooting, Database Design, SR support. * Experience in creating users, configuring grants, roles, privileges and managing tablespaces. * Expertise in Oracle Backup and Recovery for a VLDB. * Experience in Data Migration using RMAN and Oracle Data Pump, Export/Import * Design and Document backup and disaster recovery plans for critical databases using conventional HOT, COLD and RMAN backups * Implement, Maintaining and Troubleshooting High Availability Architecture (DR Planning and Solution) * Proficient on Physical Standby configuration and management 10g/11g. * Experience in RAC 10g/11gR2 configuration on Linux/Solaris/windows platform. * Working experience on 4 node cluster database databases. * Manage Disaster recovery and full database RMAN recovery. * Proficient in physical standby database, Snapshot standby and active data guard * Database Administrator proficient at supporting Oracle installations which require real time data replication using Golden Gate Transaction Data Management Tool. * Expertise in Replication and Extracting data and applying on production using Golden Gate. * Running backups HOT/COLD/full, Incremental backup from the GRID control. * Proficient on Oracle support process for technical requests using metalink and other support features * Expertise in SQL Server Database configuration and management. * Prepare Golden Gate parameter files for Extraction and Replication. * Experience in implementing SQL Server security and Object permissions like creation of users, granting permissions and assigning roles to users. * Extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving the issues related to HA/Always On in SQL2012/2014 versions. * Experience in SQL server management studio to maintain and manage sql server databases. * Worked on Service-now Incident/change management and coordination. About Core Competence Database Management - Implement/Configuration/Managing 9i/10G/11G/12c Database (File System/OMF/RAW database) over Windows, Linux and Solaris, provided 24x7 support of Production Databases, patches, Performance monitoring, index rebuilding, Strong ability to deal efficiently on disaster recovery and Incremental backing up of the systems, Manual database creation, Database Cloning - Production database for development and testing purpose. Oracle 10gR2/11gR2 RAC - Implement and Managing Configuration 10g/11gR2 RAC database on 4 nodes over Linux, Migrate/Move Non-RAC database to RAC, Addition and Removal Nodes from existing cluster.OCR and Voting disk management. 3 node RAC Implementation and configuration experience on 11gR2 with ASM. Oracle 10gR2/11gR2 ASM - Implement and managing 10G/11g ASM Instance/Database over Linux and Solaris, Migration/Move 10G/11g Non-ASM database to ASM over Linux and Solaris, Experience on setting up ASM instance creation, ASM Disk group's creation. Maintain ASM, ASM diskspace monitor, ASM disk header corruption check, ASM disk header backup and working with ASMCMD to maintain entire ASM disk group. Also, entire database movement across the disk group Oracle Database Up-gradation - Upgrade database from 10g release 2 (, and to 10g release 2 ( ( Oracle 10g/11g Standby (Data guard) - Implement 10g/11g Standby Database, Implement Physical Standby on Normal File System for ASM Enable Primary Database, implement physical Standby on ASM for ASM Enable Primary Database. Oracle Database Backup/Recovery - Implementing Backup and recovery strategy (both method RMAN and User Managed), Designing and implementing the backup strategy (Hot/Cold), Restoring Database in case of crash/emergencies. Implementing RMAN full backup and incremental backup recovery. Oracle 10g/11g Cloning - Cloning/Duplicate 10g Database on Same Host and Different Host, Clone/Duplicate a ASM Enable Database to ASM Enable Target System, Clone/Duplicate Database from Non-ASM to ASM Enable Target System, Clone/Duplicate Database from ASM to Non-ASM Enable Target System