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Columbia performing independent dredging consultant services for US based companies. Offering, expert witness for civil cases, safety procedures directly related to Federal/State Environmental requirements, USACE in accordance to EM-365-1-1 safety manual) and USCG regulations. to 2010-Navigation Senior Manager, Port of Portland The Navigation Manager's area of responsibilities covered a complete spectrum of navigational matters associated with a major seaport ensuring that the 106 miles of the Columbia River Shipping Channel was maintained at the federally authorized depth of -48.0 feet. This included supervising effectively the Navigation department's 55-million-dollar investment of the dredge Oregon and attendant plants, to provide a ready and reliable dredge plant able to respond to routine and emergency dredging. Develop plans, schedules and organize support for long range preventive maintenance programs and periodic overhaul of all equipment. Working closely with the U.S. Army, Columbia River Bar/River Pilots, Government Regulatory Agencies, directors and managers of other Columbia River Ports. Negotiating the collective bargaining unit contract with organized labor and the Port's contractual agreement with the U.S. Army. Supervise effectively the Capital and operating budget averaging 14.4 million dollars annually with a 30" cutter-suction dredger. Coordinating and assessing dredging needs, condition of rivers, land development requirements, coordinate schedules between the Navigation department, United States Army, planning and development, engineering services and Government Regulatory Agencies. The development, administration and implementation of equipment and personnel safety programs that provided the workforce a hazardous and accident free work environment to 45 employees. 1999/2007-Senior Onsite Superintendent/Dredge Master, Port of Portland Responsible for all aspects of the operation of the two pipeline dredging plants used to maintain the navigation shipping channel of the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers in accordance with the Corps of Engineers contact requirements and the Port's berth dredging projects. Ensures Port's dredge plants are operated in a safe and cost-effective manner. Well-versed in U.S. Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers and environmental rules, regulations and requirements. Working knowledge of sediment transportation, vessel operations, disposal site planning and preparation. Expert understanding of regulations/requirements to ensure safety of the crew and protect the Port's dredge related equipment/assets. Responsible for all aspects of running an effective dredging operation. Work closely with the Corps of Engineers and the Columbia River Pilots to confirm sites and schedules for dredging. Senior on-site person responsible for providing direction to a crew of 20 to 40 people covering a three-shift operation, seven days per week. Must assess all factors with potential impact on dredge operations to ensure appropriate preparations, i.e., review daily plans/conditions with crew in daily briefings to ensure sufficient supplies such as fuel, and coordinate daily activities with the shore foreman and chief engineer. Must be able to respond immediately and appropriately to unanticipated problems or changing conditions. Direct impact of responsibilities is on the safe and cost-effective dredge operation which is critical to the maintenance of the navigation channels required for passage of ships carrying import/export cargo. Created the "PSMP", Project Specific Management Plan for the Port, which was later used as a tool for the private sector to create their own PSMP to comply with the USACE, safety manual, EM 365-1-1. 1996-1999-First Mate, Port of Portland Second in command on large class cutter-suction dredger maintaining the United States Columbia River Shipping Channel under contract by the United States Army. 1990-1996-Leverman, Port of Portland Leverman and/or operator of a large class cutter-suction dredger maintaining the United States Columbia River Shipping Channel under contract by the United States Army. 1986-1990-Mate/Foreman, Port of Portland Mate/Foreman, operating a dredge tender (tug) assisting a large class cutter-suction dredger maintaining the United States Columbia River Shipping Channel under contract by the United States Army. 1984-1986-Apprentice Deckhand, Port of Portland Responsible for connecting dredge pipe, operating winches, splicing, & all general housekeeping on a large class CSD maintaining the United State Columbia River Shipping Channel under contract by the United States Army. 1983-1984-Apprentice Oiler, Willamette Western Dredging Company Oiler onboard 24" booster dredging sump holes on the Cowlitz River to eliminate the possibility of the Mt. St. Helen's volcanic material entering the Columbia River Shipping Channel. Project List: * Caye Caulker North Island, Saldivar reclamation & beach project (Belize, Central America) * Caye Caulker North Island, Dole project, reclamation project 2017 (Belize, Central America) * Sand Fly Caye Project, reclamation to create marine observatory 2017 (Belize, Central America) * Cross Caye Project, reclamation & creation of new beach for resort construction 2017 (Belize, Central America) * North Caye Caulker Project, reclamation for construction of homes & roads 2017 (Belize, Central America) * Caye Caulker Split Project, reclamation & creation of beach 2017 (Belize, Central America) * Harvest Caye Project, ship channel, reclamation & creation of beach 2016 (Belize, Central America) * Al Hail Project 2015 (UAE) * Suez Canal Expansion Project 2015 (Egypt) * North Dhabieh Project 2015, (UAE) * Presidential Palace Beach Project, Abu Dhabi River Channel Maintenance Project (annually from 1984-2010 USA) Cable Crossing Project (USA) * Multiple Sediment Pond Dredging Projects (USA) * Cowlitz River Flood Control Project (USA) * Hayden Island Outfall Pipe Project (USA) * Terminal 6 Toyo Environmental Cleanup Project (USA) * Snake River Emergency Dredging Project (USA) * Puget Island Reclamation Project (USA) * Puget Island Sump Capping Project (USA) * Ross Island Contaminated Material Capping Project (USA) * Drag Beam High Spot Removal Project Terminal 6 (USA)