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Versatile business leader with exceptional strategic planning and conceptual skills highly experinced in the welding and cutting industry.


Sales Manager


Fort Lauderdale, FL

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SUMMARY Versatile business leader with exceptional strategic planning and conceptual skills. Broad experience in marketing, distribution, industrial manufacturing, P/L and line management. Particularly adept working at senior levels to discern and manage change, develop and achieve growth strategies, diagnose and drive operational improvements. Brings to an organization different ways of thinking built from a pragmatic foundation of 39 years of international operations, marketing and strategic planning experience. * Regional Manager: Business Development-Latin America - Reported to President for a $5.5 billion world-leading manufacturer of industrial products. Developed strategic planning process and infrastructure, for launching the Latin American division approved by Board of Directors, to grow revenues, profits and shareholder value. Led initiatives to build market share in emerging market channels, including strategic alliances, new product lines and related service offerings. Strategy: * In five months successfully built a new green-field operation, staffed and implemented company's first division headquarters and technical support center for Latin America and developed first 2 & 5-year business unit planning process. * In the first year achieve $82.5M in sales which was 8% over the Stretch Goal. * In six weeks living in Brasil, recruited and directed three teams (14 persons) to perform a complete market analysis, benchmark performance versus competitors and alliance options. Concluded to mothball our plant and import product to build market share. The first year increased EBIT to corporate $5 million. * Led team to drive distribution expansion building market share, and in six years received Board approval to re-open plant, and make additional investments in Brasil. * In nine months as group leader Latin America, successfully implemented Company's first 5-year corporate strategic plan, and business unit process. Engaged top management to prioritize growth options, so as to allocate, and approve additional investments of $12 million in Mexico and Brazil. * Implemented product and packaging changes in Mexico City plant to develop and drive an export program, which increased sales $3.5 million (30%) in first year. * Designed and orchestrated distributor management meeting of 72, which identified key market drivers of profitability and implemented Goals and Objectives which distributors embraced. This proved to produce product loyalty and increased sales 14%. * Led team (9) using PVM (Product Value Matrix) process to develop two new products. In ten months the first production run was marketed, resulting in record sales and profit margins 8% above historical units. * Solely anticipated the open market shift in Latin American, designed multiple distribution with multi-labels utilizing the products from seven other subsidaries increasing our sales 34%, market share 2.3% the first year. Placing us three years ahead of the competition, and positioned us for sustainable growth. NORMAN M. STED, JR. PAGE 3 * Conducted two strategic acquisition due diligence that resulted in a joint venture strategic alliance agreement for manufacturing. Led team (13) for $35 million strategic acquisition due diligence in Argentina. * Negotiated distributor agreement for Latin America with a $20 billion US retail tool, and building supplier. This significantly increased our produce exposure at the retail level. Operations: * The first year exceeded sales budget by 8% for total revenue of $30.5 million. * The implementation of the core market strategy, sales increased 300% while increasing margins 1.5%. * Team leader for customer credit service, and support functions, which improved collections 20% and resulted in bad debt of less than $4K annually. * Additional responsibilities include P/L for South Florida region, for eight consecutive years has produced the highest margins and EBIT of the 43 regions. Exceeds the number two region by 3%. * These strategies have increased our average market share to 43%, second only to our home US market. Received Chairman's Award in 1999-2006 for 'breakthrough performance extraordinary accomplishment and intelligent risk taking."


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Hecht & Assoc. Business Discourse (Internal MBA) 1997 Master Degree
Cleveland Technical Institute Engineering - Metallurgy 1979 Some College Units Completed Degree
Adrian College Business Admin. 1978 Bachelor Degree

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Website Linkedin media url I have a substancial network on LinkedIn. I have enjoyed building a career of clients that I now have as life-long friends. I can not engage in a business relationship that is not mutually beneficial.




I have successfully designed new industrial web-sites, as well as an on-line store for the welding and cutting industry and taken it to profitability. Written annual business plans; five-year business plans, sales, distribution, service and strategic alliance Agreements that have increased sales to record levels and provided long-term sustainable growth. Additionally all these action plans have increased market share by double digits. I have driven new product development and see new products through all phases of the PVM process and launch into market. My most recent new product increased sales in its first year 13%. During my career at Lincoln was awarded the Chairman's Award numerous years for taking "calculated risk that produced significate growth for the Company. Additionally I have purchased, further developed companies and then sold them for great profits.

Companies I like:

Miller Welding; ESAB; Lincoln Electric; Airgas; Praxair; Red D Arc; NEXAIR; Matheson Gases; CK Worldwide; Harris; Red Ball Oxygen; Abicor Binzel; Hobart Welding; TNT Welding Supply; Air Liquide; CAT; plus any large industrial distributor of welding and cutting products and welding and cutting manufacturers including welding consumables.


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Operations-sales, service, administration, policies, and Agreements; Sales Management, both Domestic and International; Marketing-Web, media and print, as well as trade-shows. All aspect of the company as if it were my own. Additional responsibilities included P & L, budgets, forecasting for sales, profit and new product development.