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Profile: * Management/Leadership Skills: Enthusiastic individual with excellent work ethic. Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of management techniques, organizational development, team building and project execution. Experienced in the implementation of training initiatives to develop, retain and motivate effective personnel. Self-motivated, action-oriented and innovative. Experienced with cutting many types of material * Reversed engineered parts for customers * Designed and waterjet cut custom parts and created artwork for customers * Designed and fabricated machine tool fixtures. * Very experienced in Autocad, Pro Engineer, Raster to Vector software, and Solidworks * Extensive experience in maintaining and rebuilding Omax Waterjet machining center and Pump * Determined computer requirements, built company computers, and networked all computers * Supplied delivery times in 2-3 days * Programmed and Operated Denver Quota Tech CNC 3-Axis Granite Router * Fabricated and installed over 500 kitchen counter tops in a 3 year period * Owned and operator of LT-55 laser templator to get exact measurements of kitchen counter tops * All counter tops were fabricated to the latest granite machining technology, also operated Granite Bridge Saw. Accomplishments: * Justified and purchase a $600,000, 1500 Watt, Bystronic 4020-2 Laser, which generated a labor savings of 80%. Researched and purchased $30,000 Auto nesting software package for the Laser and taught myself on how to program and operate the Laser. All IBM software I know how to use has been self-taught. STORK GAMCO INC. * Involved in the Novell Networking of eight (8) Personal Computers to a file server in the Manufacturing Department and Supervisor of the computer network. Purchased, setup, and configured all the software and hardware for all the personal computers in the Manufacturing Department. STORK GAMCO INC. * Researched, purchased, and involved in installing a $20,000 DNC (Data Numerical Control) system for the shop floor. This system, named CIMNET, allows you to upload and download machine programs directly through terminal links and allows you to eliminate program tapes. STORK GAMCO INC. * Developed activity standard times of the Raw Materials Area, Machine Shop, Fabrication, Welding, Grind Shop, Wash Shop, and Paint Shop for an entire plant using MOST (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique). ELECTROVERT USA CORPORATION & STORK GAMCO INC. * Designed and purchased a four (4) station automated assembly line to assemble small Rotor Screw Compressors and Blowers. Purchased components and tooling for the assembly line per assembly procedures. Designed tooling to complement automated assembly line. Also, designed an assembly line to assemble Large Rotor Screw Compressors and Blowers in three (3) stations. The small and large rotor screw compressor and blower assembly line increased assembly efficiency to 130%. GARDNERDENVER COMPANY * Team Leader in the implementation of KAPES (Knowledge Aided Process & Estimating System). KAPES software is a Manufacturing Cost Planning (MCP) application and database that utilizes best manufacturing methods, industry standard times and world-class manufacturing cost rates. You can access the manufacturing knowledge-base to control purchasing and outsourcing costs, generate bid cost estimates, and improved shop floor efficiency. STORK GAMCO INC. Supporting documentation is available upon request.