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SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE : 4 +Years of Experience in Naphtha based Ammonia plant (Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Limited) . * Plant optimization, process troubleshooting, production planning, plant emergency control, implementing safety systems. * Designing and implementing energy conservation steps and Modification proposals, process design, reliability improvement, modernization and retrofit/revamping studies, conducting field performance tests, conducting performance guarantee test runs. * Worked as Operation Engineer and managing experience in Naphtha based 1100 Metric Ton Per day Ammonia/hydrogen plant having sections like Naphtha and fuel oil tank farm, Hydro-de-sulphurisation (Hydrocrackers), Reforming, Shift reactors, CO2 removal section, Methanation, Gas compression. 3 plus years of Experience in Ethane based ethylene plant (Westlake Vinyl's, Calvert city, United states of America) . * Plant optimization, process troubleshooting, production planning based on daily trends received from client. * Have conducted Debottlenecking study on VCM plant (adequacy of control valves, Pumps, Heat exchangers, Distillation columns etc) for 5.1 MMPPD and 6.0 MMPPD case. Have experience in process optimization of ethane crackers (Thermal conversion), Feed gas compressors, C3 absorbers and prefractionator, De- Methanizer, cold box, PSA unit, De- Ethanizer, Acetylene reactor, De-Propanizer, P-P splitter, Ethylene and propylene refrigeration systems. * Have experience in handling lot of special studies to improve plant performance, plant production capacity. DETAILS OF EXPERIENCE April 2012 - July 2014 : Ammonia Process Engineer (SPIC, Tuticorin) As part of Process Engineering Group, responsible for the following Process Engineering activities :- * To carry out technical studies for maximizing the production and minimizing the energy consumption * Monitoring and trouble shooting of the plant processes and equipments * Proposing & devising energy conservation schemes - Preparation of PFDs and P&IDs * Identifying & suggesting pollution control measures * Identifying and eliminating the bottlenecks in the plant processes and in the equipments' design * Rendering engineering assistance to the procurement of equipments and technical evaluation of the offers * Developing software programs for our monitoring and design purposes * Suggesting ways to optimize the specific consumption of raw materials and utilities * Working out the cost - benefit analysis of various modification proposal schemes * Carrying out inspection activities during plant shutdowns * Analyzing the plant trips and process upsets and suggesting remedial measures * Training the subordinates, etc. Key Accomplishments in Process Engineering Group: * Thorough in monitoring and evaluating the performance of various catalysts in Ammonia plant, steam turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, heat exchangers, pumps, fans and blowers, boilers, captive power plants & turbo generators, cooling towers, water treatment plants, effluent treatment systems, solid handling equipments, etc. * Experienced in preparing process flow diagrams and P&IDs for the modification proposals. Carried out numerous Hazop studies. * Carried out the shutdown inspection jobs during the major maintenance Turnarounds in Ammonia plant. Gained thorough knowledge in the areas like charging and discharging of Catalysts and Packings, improving the performance of heat exchangers, chemical cleaning of boilers, safe working procedures adopted during such massive turnaround activities, etc. * Developed several software programs required for the Process Engineering Group activities. * Monitoring DCS parameters, trends - if any & propose proactive corrective actions in consultation with Panel Executives, communication with Control Room and ensure field actions accordingly. April 2010 - April 2012 : Ammonia Plant Operation Engineer (SPIC, Tuticorin) Worked as Operation Engineer in round the clock shifts in Ammonia plant. Ammonia Plant Operation Experience * Responsible for the plant production, process and equipments troubleshooting and process optimization - where Hydro-Desulfurization, Reforming of Naphtha, steam-Methane Reforming, CO Shift conversion, Gas purification, Methanation and high pressure Ammonia synthesis are part of the plant processes. * Hands on experience in the day to day operation of Ammonia plant, Boilers, Captive power plant and Ammonia importation terminal. * Hands on experience in the Turnaround activities like catalyst charging and safe discharging, packing's changing, heat exchangers performance improvements etc. * Carried out isolation, maintenance of Naphtha and fuel oil tanks. Handled Ammonia unloading activities several times. * Fully trained in First aid, safety procedures and fire fighting techniques and emergency preparedness plan for Process plants and chemical storages. * Responsible for the motivation and work culture in the multi discipline team of around 20 Engineers and 100 Technicians for the Ammonia plant. * Pre-planning of jobs to be taken up during annual maintenance turnarounds, co-ordination and follow up of materials procurement for the turnaround requirements, implementing all the turnaround activities within the time. * Identifying & suggesting pollution control measures. Eliminating the bottlenecks in the plant processes and in the equipments' design * Had experience in cold start up of 6MW steam turbine designed by shin Nippon machinery corporation limited. * Had experience in the trouble shooting of steam turbine during its normal operation * Had handsome experience in the maintenance activities of auxiliaries of steam turbine such as lube oil coolers, surface condenser etc. July 2014 - Till date : Worked as a process technology engineer in ingenero technologies (india) pvt ltd (Working for Westlake vinyls, calvert city, kentuchy, united states of America) * As a process engineer, Iam looking into the unit monitoring of ethylene plant located in calvert city. * Daily analysis of process trend, which we received from the client and suggesting them plant condition, recommending them to take action on following parameters which deviates. * Running aspen hysys V.7.3 on daily basis to calculate the energy number of the plant and current technical performance thereby represent everything in daily technical report. * Running the KG tower software on daily basis for every distillation column to find the tray hydraulics and recommending the measures to take action based on the results. * Apart from daily analysis, special studies has been carried out on various equipments available in our plants * Have carried out work in ASPEN software for recycle line sizing. * Recommending plant technical team to take corrective measures on current parameter deviation of the running plant. * Have done analysis on heat exchanger, parallel feed chillers performance and suggested them to do the necessary action. * Have done lot of energy conservation studies to save energy in running plant. * Analyzing process trips, deviation of parameters in running plant and recommending them to take necessary action. * Identify and suggest areas of improvement during the normal plant operation.. * Have conducted special study on impact of hydrogen bleed flow on tail gas from cold box and maximum extent of hydrogen gas which can be added to tail gas. List of Special studies: * Have conducted Special study in identifying ethane cracker coking on furnace B side TLE and furnace B-side which results in furnace run length improvement. * Have carried out the analysis on acetylene reactor slippage and identified the reason behind the cause of slippage. * Have suggested the client regarding surge control technique in ethylene refrigeration compressor and calculated ACFM for each stage in order to avoid surging in ethylene compressor. * Have suggested client on compressor improvement during the low plan load operation which resulted in power saving. * Have carried out special studies on P-P splitter bottom pump recycle line sizing and on worked out on the continuous running of pump. * Have conducted study on reactor reactivation procedures and suggested improvement in reactivation steps. This help to optimize reactor operation. * Have conducted study on dryer regeneration steps and suggested them procedural changes which help in reduction of polymer formation on molecular sieves. Engineering studies: * Have conducting Vinyl chloride monomer plant debottlenecking study for 5.1 MMPPD and 6 MMPPD cases. * Have experience in adequacy check of distillation column using KG tower for different loading rate. Based on the results, we recommended minor modification in order to improve the column operation and separation efficiency. * Have experience in adequacy check on column reboiler and product cooler using HTRI software. * Have done adequacy check on control valves pumps, lines and suggested modification in loop.





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