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Career Highlights Redesigned structure and procedures for Web and Mobile application development throughout the software teams. Changed practices in technology for using frameworks, testing automation and platform design. First person to gain external access for cloud services to promote RAD. Changed communications in the company to team driven programs and increased transparency across departments. Most notably, in my first two years, I Increased performance on the data gathering Big Data platforms from a 35-minute average digestion time to less than 3-second average using less hardware. I also increased service based systems to operate within millisecond response times to handle millions of subscriber requests per minute. iHeartMedia [Clear Channel] Created a node tracking system to monitor 1600+ radio stations and report on airplay usage. Key player in designing and developing the interfaces that allow for custom report creation with export features, alerting and in cell coding capabilities (data manipulation). In addition, reduced storage by over 80% in under 12 months. Increased song matching accuracy from 35% to 90%, including overlap and commercial detection. Created data stream and lake programs for long term storage and instant access reporting. T8 Career Highlights Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH One of the largest newspapers in Germany. Project included data gathering, editorial workflow, intelligence systems, rules and analytics. This platform was then producing a custom reading experience it also improved ad performance. We increased revenue for FAZ by reducing resources in editorial, increasing subscriptions, improving retention rate and providing higher ad relevancy which made ad space more valuable. Also, designed their global CDN because their readers are around the world. Sotheby's International Developed a rapid website deployment system that was 100% autonomous. It includes a team/agent bios, property data [MLS/IDX] and dozens of pages to help market the agent's properties. The backend included custom developed tools modeled for CRM, CMS, and Drip Campaign Systems. It also has marketing analytics for the agents with intellegent insights. In addition, the platform "AgentSuite" I developed went on to house over 40,000 websites on a single inline stack. Bosc Technologies Bosc was a failing EHR system that was not able to obtain proper certifications to meet government TAX rebate requirements for medical practitioners. I helped turn around the project and all of the certifications in time for market goals. I also educated an entire team on the program, coded the foundations and created the stream systems for the BigData plans. T8 Career Highlights Proctor & Gamble Worked with Brand Managers to develop social media platforms, micro sites and kiosk systems used to gather marketing data on emerging consumers powered by Hero Programs. The data was analyzed to start developing long term business goals for gaining consumer trust and develop marketing strategies to retain consumers for over 15 year cycles. The data was cross referenced with engagement activity to measure overall retention, develop hero relationships and improve future programs. Delloite & Touche I worked on classified projects with Deloitte & Touche and am not at liberty to discuss details. I can only share that it was working with lots of information and working with global tech companies such as Microsoft, IBM, NASA, JPL, AT&T, Hurricane Electric, GE and more. My core job was to train new engineers on the various projects and asses their placement. I also prototyped a lot of work to be completed by team. Tait Grove 305 MESA AVE 805.490.1650 NEWBURY PARK, CA 91320




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Tesla, Space-X, IBM