Franklin C

Military background / Federal Government - 30 Years of Experience


Federal Government

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Profile Secret Clearance (active) * Federal Law Enforcement Professional * Department of Corrections Expert * MBA, Project Management, 14+ years, Department of Defense and private sector * Human Resource Recruiting, Retention, 10+ years, Training and Outreach * Military Veteran, Proven Leader, Mentor, Experienced, Versatile, Multi-Tasked, Organized * Reliable, Confident, Passion for Learning Independently perform daily duties and responsibilities with minimal supervision Ensure protection of life property and civil rights of individual * React daily to housing and business service calls to include 911 calls * Respond weekly medical calls securing scene until fire and emergency medical arrive * Dispatch to fire and security alarm activation regarding high level facilities investigate and secure perimeter * Conduct preliminary field interviews investigations surveillance on suspicious persons * Attentive suspicious packages Perform low-level investigations problem solve follow up on leads obtain evidence * Monitor and prevent criminal activity within jurisdictional facilities by proactively patrolling * Check badges and identification cards of all oncoming assigned and visiting personnel * Check vehicle registration and State inspections using Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN) * Acquire statistics of all incidents added to police blotters for daily briefs * Familiarized with law enforcement practices policies and forms Guard minimum-maximum classification prisoners arrested from four surrounding counties * Conduct frequent head count according to state and facility security and safety policy * Monitor conduct of prisoners in housing units during work and when attending recreational activities * Continual familiarization with policies regulations and procedures to prevent escape or violence Inspect locks window sills grills doors and gates within jail to ensure security and prevent escapes * Collect detailed information such as prisoner identification charges incidences disturbances * Create detailed reports for jail Superintendents and Courts to use as evidence or administer additional charges * Keep shift activity and security logs of inmate movement and activities * Review grievances submitted by inmates routes directly to action office ensures time frames are met assists with recommendations and provides advice and solutions * Escort prisoners to and/or from appointments regarding medical legal visitation or administrative segregation Distribute meal trays newspapers mail laundry commissary institutional legal documentation Perform vehicle searches prisoner pat-downs and cell shake-downs for valuables and contraband such as weapons and drugs Five of Nine course completed (30.5 of 40.5 credit hours completed) Postponed classes to employ with Rappahannock Regional Jail/Corrections





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