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AREAS OF EXPERTISE Performance-driven leader with a record of success in guiding teams to make sales, grow in their abilities, and consistently deliver exceptional SALES & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT results in Sales, Marketing & Service. Recognized for unique ability to * New Business Development optimize people, processes, capital, and market positions to maximize * Building Excellent Rapport & Trust profits and shareholder value. * Strong Territory Development * Client Nurturing for Long Term Sales * (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Touches) * Internal Organizational Growth PROFESSIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Initiatives ( 3 Wide-3 Deep Rule) * Stakeholder Presentations Increased Profitability Profit losses were reported for over 5 years due to a lack of leadership and lull in * Effective Organization & Follow-Up membership. I recruited a strong team with common goals for the organization both * Salesforce CRM System locally and nationally. I mentored the team, rebuilding the organizations internal * Sales Forecasting communication and vision to then share with external recruits in a newly created MARKETING system of success. These contributions led to many significant successes with increased membership, a record year in profitability, and national recognition * Market Research, Analysis & Reports awarded for Greatest Turnaround, Membership Excellence, & Programming Merits. * Market Share Increase * Integrated Marketing Team Mentoring for Growth * Social Media Savvy The sales team was underperforming by 80%, doing just the basics to get by, there * Product & Service Marketing was no monitoring in place. I immediately set standards for success and goals of * Multi-Channel Marketing Initiatives expectation for each sales professional. I provided training to overcome obstacles, created proactive growth incentives for increased efficiency, and motivations to CUSTOMER SERVICE succeed. Employee efficiency improved by over 125% and the company met their * Customer Needs Evaluation sales goals with increased confidence. * 100% Delivery of Quality Products * Account / Customer Retention Process Improvements To prevent order processing delays - missed deadlines, poor cash flow and * Immediate Problem Resolution inaccurate invoicing practices, I instituted a new process for O/E start to finish, also * Training & Coaching Models introducing a more efficient project management software. These contributions led * Quality Service Audits to many significant successes with up-to-the-minute timely deliveries, superior * Fosters High Service Standards deadline management, accuracy in invoicing and improved cash flow. EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT Improved Time-Management * Strategic Planning & Vision Recognized a companywide lack of focus and direction with costly errors being * National Rebranding Initiatives made. Instituted a daily time blocking system to focus the team efforts and prioritize * Corporate Restructuring important tasks. Employee efficiency improved by over 70%, stress was reduced, and * Process Improvement employees and customers alike reported a greater level of satisfaction. * Champion of Revenue Growth Accuracy In Reporting * Competitive Positioning Established local client was reporting inconsistencies and often missed * Contract Negotiations commitments in delivery of critical reports for GPO contracts to member hospitals. I * Budgets & Finance quickly investigated the missteps, finding a national irregularity and immediately * Business Modeling created and implemented an improved data gathering/report structure and methodology for Account Managers to utilize. Local reports and national reports * Broker & Vendor Management were merged successfully, with increased client satisfaction and the key reason for TEAM LEADERSHIP future contract renewals, improving the company's overall bottom-line. * Sales Management Training * Engagement Presentation Training Superior Presentations Received feedback from the team in having a lack of comfort with presentation * National Training Programs skills. I developed a training program for reps on having "Crucial Conversations" * Team Leader & Mentor (3-17 People) "Storytelling", and "Engagement". The program included ongoing peer feedback * Effective Organization & Follow-Up and quarterly refreshers. Presentations improved dramatically, leading to more * Employee Training & Empowerment wins with customers and greater confidence in the team. * Performance Reviews & Goals * Team Collaboration & Morale EDUCATION Northern Arizona University SENIOR LEVEL DIRECTOR: FLAGSTAFF, AZ. SALES & MARKETING Marketing & Advertising Email: * Phone: (520) 730-4898 Brian H. woods 7501 E McDowell Rd. #2135 Scottsdale, AZ 85257




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Symantec, Insight, GoDaddy