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Software Engineer


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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Paris Felinni is a software engineer with over 11 years of experience and a proven track record, delivering robust solutions for major US companies in payment processing, financial, medical and e-commerce fields she is comfortable writing code in multiple languages and is capable of acquiring new technologies and programming languages quickly. Paris prides of her solid work ethics, as well as very friendly and outgoing personality that most find charming and unique. August 2015 throughout July 2017 she was the leading architect/developer of "" franchise, one of the world's largest infrastructures powered by Zend & Magento. United Franchise Group, a Florida company with extended global presence, operates This vast e-commerce infrastructure currently operates hundreds of franchise websites as well as several hundred of so-called "company stores" globally. is one-of-a-kind platform featuring multi-level, multi-permission interactive backend interface that allows one-click setup and creation of new stores, easy data migration and duplication and much more, making running daily franchise operations a much easier task. is a highly extended Magento based system that was developed to accommodate extremely complex franchise business logic which includes complex backend data processing, heavy data - set matrixes, advanced logistics and much more. The system utilizes various advanced SOAP and REST API implementations, to include SAGE, UPS, FEDEX, USPS, AUTHORIZE.NET, PAYPAL etc. System heavily relies on Redis and Memcache and its custom-written data index model, as well as (CDN) Content Delivery Network for content delivery. Previously, Paris had engineered, designed and developed an enterprise software solution for consumer financing program "EZPAY Advantage", a flagship product by Secure Payment Systems ( The platform is written in Java and runs on Android devices that communicate with LAMP backend for data processing, which include (OCR) Optical Character Recognition for real-time data extraction from financial and government documents, (TTS) Text-To-Speech, advanced real-time data parsing and data validation, as well as real-time compilation and electronic delivery of legal documents generated by the system at the time of a transaction. Since its release in 2013 "EZPAY Advantage" has been successfully adopted by established chains like Aamco Transmissions, Meineke, Mattress One as well as by brands such as Mitsubishi, Hyundai and others, just to name a few. Prior to this, Paris had been hired to design and develop POS (Point-of-Sale) solutions for other financial companies like DalPay (Iceland). Following Agile/SCRUM software development practices: continuous development, testing and implementation, Paris continuously delivers results under tight deadlines and prides of her work ethics, being easily accessible and available to solve problems in a timely and friendly manner. Paris thoroughly understands object-oriented development, Model-View-Controller model and has worked on all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Requirement Analysis, Specification, Implementation, Testing and Documentation. Paris is a fast learner with a remarkable ability to adapt to any conditions and acquire new programming languages and frameworks in little to no time. She closely follows Agile/SCRUM development cycle and knows and understands the importance of caching mechanisms, such as SQL stored procedures, triggers and SQL schemas, essential to development of scalable applications. Aside from Android OS, Paris had developed high-traffic iOS application for former (prior to company acquisition in 2013) she has a working knowledge of