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Needed to increase production 25% per year without adding to workforce. Automated and upgraded existing production areas removing the need for repetitive motion lifting and turning. Eliminated all labor intensive processes. Trained workforce to operate new equipment: With a capital investment of $12 million was able to grow business from $4 million to $233 million over 12 years with no increase in workforce. All projects achieved full ROI within 10 - 18 months. * A fully automated production line was needed to provide 18 - 32 bags of 3 assorted product types this would reduce equipment and staffing needs by 50%. Sourced identified engineered purchased equipment and started up fully automated production line: Took bulk ingredients to wrapped finished goods on ready-to-ship pallets increasing production rate from 150 to 300 bags per minute. Reduced machine run time by 67% and eliminated hand packaging reducing labor by 82%. * Assembled a business plan for the #3 Spice importer for premium ingredient costing packaging and labor costs packaging/production equipment EPA equipment requirements and tenant improvements: The business plan was used as a tool to leverage product costs down via rebates of $3.5 million per year over a five-year period. Showed a savings of $1.25 - $3.75 per unit delivered to stores. * Managed all aspects of Packaging Plant (ultimately 264,000 square feet) relocation to be attached to Northeastern Distribution Center: Plant was up and running 7 weeks ahead of schedule. Completed project under budget by $436,000 by closing old facility early and reducing heavy seasonal freight costs by shipping early from new facility. On time delivery was improved by 70% by direct shipping to same site as Distribution Center. Delivery time was cut by 50% to all other regions. Next day delivery to stores could be achieved to all Northeast locations. * Coffee production facility was required on the East Coast. Engineered constructed purchased equipment set standards satisfied all environmental requirements and started-up a fully automated green bean to finished goods palletized products in a wide variety of configurations: The state-of-the-art highly automated coffee roasting and grinding packaging facility was in operation 9 weeks prior to plan and profitable against first year budget. Planned constructed and started up new Packaging Plant (46,000 square feet) for food and non-food products in the Northeast to service all eastern company divisions: Freight reduction resulted in $7.6 million annually. Improved competitive advantage in the challenged regions. Developed equipment tooling and a sealing system for a carded blister package. The very rigid balanced package is easily converted to the desired number of units per case: Reduced plastic by 75% per unit and had the necessary sales floor presence with 25% less inventory. up a digital printing and die cutting operation to accommodate all short run needs: Producing in-house limited runs (less than 10 pallets) reduced costs from $4.48 to $1.35 per unit. up an in-house design group and tooling machine shop. Successfully produced all tooling needed for both East and West Coast plants: Reduced costs from $1.2 million to $220K.