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EXPERIENCE SUMMARY I have over 15 years of valuable and successful proven experience of quality management, quality control, quality assurance and HSE experience mainly in the oil, gas and mining industry. I have worked in plant operations and I have worked in building plants and facilities. For my project experience is mostly mega-engineering and construction projects of values well over USD 1 Billion ++ in areas of USA, Middle East and Kazakhstan. OIL AND GAS PLANT AND FACILITY CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE I have vast knowledge and experience in engineering, procurement and construction of * Refinery plant and facilities * Gas collection and compressing stations * Camp and Infrastructure projects (power stations, power line, roads, railways, water treatment * LNG plant and facilities * NGL plant and facilities * processing platforms, * oil and gas lift & distribution facility * pipelines and pumping stations, * mineral mining processing and bagging plant and facilities I have been involved in both site stick build and modular construction. I have been involved in review of manufacturing and fabrication control of mega modular construction, such as PAMs, PAUs, PARs, etc from material preparation through to mechanical completion testing and SPMT load out. I have great experience critical equipment inspections and required controls. I am excellent in planning, creating and alignment of inspection strategies to contribute to on-time construction delivery. I have great experience in FTFSU start up philosophy and system. I have great experience in project completion systems such as WINPCS. For my engineering, procurement and construction experience, I have commanding experience in all aspects of the business including but not limited to * Fabrication and manufacturing inspections, FAT tests, MTRs, inspection release, PIMs, total station dimension control, inspection and auditing of shop drawings and material control and traceability. I have vast experience in CRA fabrication and required controls. Pipe spools fabrication, pipe bend verification, etc * Manufacturers record books and Installation, Operations and Maintenance Manual reviews, and spare parts checks * Earthworks, UG utilities, trenching, foundations and backfilling, soil and material compaction and testing, Civil works and curing control, concrete strength testing, rebar checks and concrete mix ratio analysis and slump testing etc, structural bridges and culverts, retaining walls, etc * Plant equipment inspection including SAT tests, verification against purchase documents, lay down preservation, shaft rotations and alignments checks, equipment precision positioning and installation checks, grouting and testing, all associated tests including those in the IOM, inspections of turbines, pressure vessels (including thickness loss monitoring), boilers inspections, fractionators, absorbers, extractors, including insulation, inspection windows, thickness testing monitoring etc * pumps, separators, compressors, heat exchangers, circulation and filtration units, heating units, cryogenic units, vapor recovery units, metering systems degassing units, dehydration units, Cracking process units, amine units, refrigerant and cooling systems, HVAC systems, absorbsion units (PSA processing etc), expanders, splitters, sweetening process units, mining grinding units, rougher, regrind units, cleaner and scavengers units, thickeners units, bagging equipment, tailings processing, etc * Structural steels fabrication, Structural component alignment, anchoring, bolting, deflection control, effective fit up etc * Water cooling system, well boring, seawater and well water cooling distribution systems * Lubrication systems and filters inspections * Civil, structural and equipment and earthworks surveying including topographical, geological, leveling, tolerances, alignment, materials quantities, etc * Engineering and procurement quality of procured items (tag and bulk) and control over vendor quality equipments and vendor documentation, etc * Quality control of welding, NDT, lab testing and pressure and leak testing etc * On site storage tanks construction and testing, foundation preparation, corrosion prevention, roofing and ventilation, oil sanding etc and all plate work, mills plate tests, plating thickness and PMI tests etc * power & transmission systems and lines, generators, switchyards, communication systems, HV and LV lines * piping, flange management, gasket verification, bolt control and torgueing * all type of valves, sizes, ratings, all classes, including witness of functional tests (including HT of shell and seal) valve motors & actuations, classes and pressure testing at shop witnessing, I have been involved in INSITU testing and mobile field testing. * Crucial pumps (vertical and horizontal), shafts and motors inspections, all vital alignment checks prior to energizing. * Drawing and document control and dossier preparation and turn over. * conversant in reading technical drawings, ie P&IDs, 3D models / Isometrics, RLM and as-built drawings * Worked on offshore and onshore drilling Rigs, drilling as per client drilling plan well construction, reservoir drawdown tests, testing instrumentation and top-side installations and fluids processing * Transport infrastructure such as railway main lines and spurs including weigh stations, rail alignment tests, ballast units checks, structures checks etc, * Roads, including base material, asphalt, curing and core sampling checks * Painting and coating inspections * Camps / accommodation facilities and sewage treatment plants, underground utilities, modules, foundation * Fuel storage facilities, fuel lines, manifolds, valves, pumps, distribution lines * Chemical mixing areas lining and control * Flaring and rejection systems * Fire fighting and fire control systems, ESDs, oil/gas well BOPs, manifolds etc * Oil and gas well drilling, mud systems, flaring, chemical mixing and control * Overland conveyor and feed stock delivery systems * electrical inspection activities, meggering, HIPOT, glanding and termination kit checks and installation inspection, bolt torgueing, e-room inspections - set up, busbars etc * Instrumentation, instrument air, cabling, earthing, calibration, sensors, meters, controllers, etc * Shop fabrication control of plant equipment, skid packages, structural steel, lining, valves, instrumentation cabinets and systems, pipe spools, pipe bends, flaring * Hydrotesting and reinstatement. * Managing checksheets, punchlist completions and walkdowns, site inspection requests, ITPs, quality plans, audit schedule etc * Loading and unloading and transfer systems * Bagging and packaging systems * Product delivery and metering systems I have been involved from project concept stage all the way to mechanical completions and client turn over. OIL AND GAS OPERATIONS EXPERIENCE I understand the entire upstream and downstream business within oil and gas and have worked in every dept documenting complete QHSE systems and successfully achieved ISO 9001, ISO 18001, and ISO 14001 certification. I have been involved in all aspects of the business from mapping entire business, analyzed work processes, improving processes, preparing simple but result orientated quality, health, safety and environmental systems, including comprehensive training programs using SIPOC and PDCA principles. I am expert in root cause analysis and problem solving and prevention. I have prepared software and database systems for quality, health, safety and environment system and writing complete QHSE systems to be standard and company compliant. I have many complete roll out comprehensive training packages (many I prepared myself) for lead quality auditor, controlling quality costs and lean production, quality improvement tools and techniques, oil and gas risk management, environmental auditor, safety auditor, 5S, site risk and JSA, LOPA, FTFSU, quality assurance and compliance, root cause analysis, six sigma process control and improvement, Hydrotesting, project completions systems, site inspection requests and checksheets, to name a few. I have created a QHSE systems for drilling rigs both on-shore and offshore from spudding to well completions, including AIM system. Rig operation strategies etc. I have mapped out the entire process, created drilling business blueprints and network plans showing vulnerabilities and critical path towards meeting client drilling plans successfully. I have performed drilling operational analysis and eliminated waste, improved efficiency and optimized manpower. I have vast experience and record in successfully managing and leading teams in getting positive results aligned to key performance indicators, goals and objectives. I have natural ability to find potential quality issues that can impact operations and prevent issues from occurring. I am very good at as-is analysis and calculating associated costs, and potential project impacts and proactively re-engineer processes to save costs and ensure high quality product. I have great experience in process and activity mapping, streamlining and lean re-engineering and documenting entire oil and gas lift and distribution supply chain system from exploration, drilling, engineering facilities construction (PI, CO, FS, FEED, EPIC), all the way through to refinery processing and distribution for global export. I have great knowledge and experience in risk management and sequencing analysis, improving process efficiency and process re-engineering, quality cost identification, waste elimination (lean processing), improving systems to align with project schedule and project cost budgets. I have led corporate-wide teams in waste elimination for lean processing and shown significant cost savings and improvements examples such as * Qatar Petroleum: I led teams all throughout the company and subsidiaries from oil lift to tanker delivery involving lean initiative of waste elimination, process re-engineering, dysfunctional activity identification and elimination, process costing and streamlining: Savings USD 82m * Petrofac International: I led teams on corporate level initiative for Improving Project equipment Fabrication and Construction Delivery (lean and re-engineering). Restructuring inspection and documentation process: Optimization of inspections and restructuring. Savings: USD 34m * Kaz Minerals: I led teams in improving the inspection process for fabrication yards and early works construction thus preventing quality issues and site rejections.: Savings: USD 8m I have designed, developed and successfully implemented HSEQ&R Management systems including training, compliance auditing and certification. I provided project leadership, advise and guidance on all related oil and gas related HSEQ&R system issues with a focus on sustainability, and minimizing operational risk, while achieving best in class practice and compliance to standards and requirements ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 18001 (OH&S), and AS/NZS 4360 (risk). I am highly experienced in professional curriculum development and presentations of all related HSEQ&R subject matter. I research and prepare corporate level standards and specifications relating to quality, health, safety and environment. I have extensive quality control knowledge and background on ASME and API codes including ASME B31.1, B31.4 AND B31.8, API 104, 510, 570 AND 653 to name a few. I am a certified technical Master Instructor for NDT level II (MT, UT, RT, ET, PT disciplines) and qualified Radiation Safety officer also. I am highly experienced in HSEQ&R auditing, with over 5000 hours of external certification, surveillances and internal audits of all disciplines. I have vast experience in HSEQ&R process modeling to achieve objectives and targets. I have successfully created auditor competency and qualification systems to ensure fully effective auditing. I have taught over 500 classes on IRCA lead Quality auditor, IRCA environmental auditor and health and safety auditor courses for BVQI I am experienced in loss prevention, PTW systems, ATEX, FMEA, safety hazards process analysis (i.e. JSA, HAZID, HAZOP, layers of protection analysis etc), investigations, aspects and impacts assessment and determination of significance, quality value analysis, operational and worker performance analysis and streamlining activities, systems benchmarking and reengineering activities. I was handpicked for ISO Technical Committee 176, SC2 panel for writing and revising the ISO 9001:2008 standard and guidelines, so I am a noted technical expert in ISO 9001. I am an excellent and dynamic public speaker, and articulated in my deliverables, and reach my milestones and deadlines. I have prepared highly successful corporate vision and mission statements, corporate lean and waste elimination initiatives and control of quality costs initiatives. Preparing HSEQ&R KPIs in line with high level objectives. I have managed USD Million + CAPEX and OPEX budgets, and I ensure a very high rate of return of quality investment through cost saving initiatives in every project and assignment I undertake. I have experience in strategic planning including business segmentation and alignment plans, business & revenue generating strategies, market expansion planning, and acquisition strategies top-down and vertical planning, targets and realization programs, diversification and integration planning, organizational restructuring. I have government board level team experience currently working on Qatar Planning Council strategic planning board for e-government commerce and service excellence. Finally I am a proud decorated US Military veteran having served in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. I received an honorable discharge in 1993. ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION PROJECT AND WORK SUMMARY




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