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Application Support - 3 Years of Experience - Near 23035


Application Support


Cobbs Creek, VA

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Qualification Summary: Interpersonal Relations Skills Present information to large and small groups Counsel, advise, consult, guide others Handle complaints in person/over the phone Demonstrate empathy, sensitivity, and patience Sell ideas, products, or services Help people make their own decisions Listen carefully and attentively Listen empathically and with objectivity Develop rapport easily with diverse individuals and groups of people Create positive, hospitable environment Read or speak another language Encourage, empower, advocate for people Edit and proofread written material Help others improve health and welfare Write clearly and concisely Creative and Innovative Skills Planning and Organizing Skills Identify and organize tasks or information Set goals and determine courses of action Develop a plan and set objectives Set up and keep time schedules Leadership, Management, and Administrative Skills Coordinate and organize people, activities, processes, systems, and programs Create innovative solutions to complex problems Develop and facilitate work teams Provide training for development of staff Anticipate problems and respond with solutions Demonstrative flexibility during crisis Plan and manage events Evaluate performance Streamline processes Research and Analytical Skills Visualize concepts and results Identify appropriate information sources Brainstorm and make use of group synergy Hypothesize and test for results Design materials, products, or services Don L. Leonard Jr. 76 Blue Heron Ln., Cobbs Creek, VA. 23035 PH: (804) 384-6103 Email: "" Compile numerical and statistical data Express ideas through art form Classify and sort information into categories Use computer software for artistic creations Write analysis of study and research Compare and evaluate information Formulate insightful and relevant questions Use technology for statistical analysis Numerical Skills Solid ability with basic arithmetic Multiply numbers in your head Figure out percentages Gain valuable information from graphs, tables, and charts Quickly spot numerical errors Make decisions based on numerical data Make rough calculations/estimates in your head Analyze statistical data Training and Teaching Skills Use a variety of media for presentations Develop educational curriculum and materials Facilitate a group Recognize patterns and relationships in numbers Explain difficult ideas, complex topics Assess learning styles and respond accordingly Financial Skills Develop/stay within a budget Set financial priorities Develop cost cutting solutions Understand economic principles Mechanical and Tool Skills Invent/Assemble/build/install Precision work Operate hand/power tools Troubleshoot/diagnose problems Understand manuals/diagrams Understand electricity Problem-Solving Skills Anticipate/solve problems Bring order in a chaotic situation Determine root causes Select most effective solution Improvise under stress Help a group identify solutions Handle difficult people Stay calm in emergencies TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS