Stephanie S

Federal Government - 20 Years of Experience - Near 48042


State Government


Macomb, MI

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Areas of Expertise Security + Safety Leadership + Risk + Threat Assessment Mitigation Strategies + Problem Solving Savant Executive Law Enforcement Liaison Domestic / International + Regulatory Expertise Crisis + Venue Operational Management Strategic + Field Operations + Fiscally Sound Business Acumen Continuity of Operations + Critical Thinking Exceptional Oral and Written Communication Skills + Media + HR Expertise Collaborative Team Player + Customer Service Oriented 26 Years of Continuous Public Service with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms + Explosives (ATF) 1991 - 09/17 resulting Direct Report to Sergeant * Safety + Security Management * Lead, plan, organize and direct the criminal and regulatory operations of 115 Special Agents (SA) and 40 professional administrative support and regulatory personnel deployed throughout Michigan * Oversight of all human resources, public relations, and budget allocations * Hired 20 Schedule A (Disability) administrative staff into key positions, e.g., Intelligence Research Specialist (IRS), Public Information Officer (PIO), and Technical Surveillance Specialist (TSS) additional hires from local police departments and media investigative reporter * Implemented increase use of social media * Embedded Intelligence Research budgets into all enforcement groups * Assigned SAs into proactive intelligence group to address most violent Detroit street gangs resulting in 5 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) * Vice-Chair, Michigan High Intensity Drug Traffic Area (HIDTA) Executive Board relocated offices from Detroit to Southfield, MI resulting in $600K in savings engaged in hiring process for new HIDTA Director and Deputy Director * Member and Acting Chair, ATF Professional Review Board (PRB) and, Employee Administrative Discipline Board * Review and resolution of all ATF internal affairs cases review and updating of all relevant policies and procedures * Chaired committee to review ATF Laboratory Services resulting in 12 recommended changes 5 changes implemented to date * Led 50 SAs and 110 employees as DAD of HRPD within ATF * Led, planned, organized and directed the criminal and regulatory operations of 40 SAs and 20 professional administrative support employees deployed throughout New Jersey * Led, planned, organized and directed the criminal and regulatory operations of 120 Special Agents and 40 professional administrative support personnel * Personnel deployed as 12 teams assisted by 54 Task Force Officers deployed throughout Ohio and Indiana resulting in significant arrests, prosecutions with 98% conviction rate and $3M+ in assets forfeited * Oversight of 1K+ criminal investigations including 22 undercover operations and 4 wiretap operations * Oversight of 1800+ regulatory inspection cases * Led, planned, organized and directed law enforcement and intelligence operations of 100+ staff comprised of 95 SAs ad 30 professional administrative support personnel deployed in 8 teams as ASAC, Detroit ATF * Directed a Northwest Detroit "Comprehensive Violence Reduction Partnership" resulting in reduction of violent crime by 22% supported by 70 + SAs and police officers from Detroit PD, Michigan State Police, Wayne County SO, Michigan Department of Corrections and the Dearborn PD * Led, planned, organized and directed criminal enforcement operations of 15 SAs deployed in 26 counties in northeast MI * Collaborated with FBI in 30 explosive and firearms investigations as Resident Agent in Charge, Flint, MI * Led, planned, organized and directed 18 SAs in the criminal enforcement and regulatory operations in Detroit, MI and 3 surrounding counties * Group led the ATF in number of prosecutions and cited as best during administrative office review * Oversight of all operations focused on increasing tracing of firearms recovered by 2,500+ law enforcement agencies/departments as the YCGII program manager * Delivered training in 17 designated YCGII cities in the U.S. * Increased tracing of weapons used in crimes BY 40% * Oversight of Division Tactical Advisor's (DTA) delivery of annual Active Shooter and Workplace Violence presentation to ATF, state and local police agencies, as well as to private sector upon request and review * Oversight of DTA's de-escalation technique training for high stress law enforcement shootings * Implemented use of a medic in every termination of an employee scenario * Implemented all Continuity of Operations (CoOP) security protocols oversight of new building upgrades with security enhancements to include physical security, video surveillance and work processes to enhance security and safety of ATF personnel * Conducted 25+ security surveys during a 5-year period with Office of Inspections reviewed and made recommendations based on site surveys knowledge and expertise to conduct pre-operational security site surveys * Contributed and assisted in the preparation and approval of operational plans notifying the proper chain of commands kept a clear line of communication between all persons involved in operations * Emergency Management / Crisis and Venue Operations in seizures of 1,400 weapons and 140,000 rounds of ammunition *





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