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COVER LETTER: For Prof (Dr). Joseph Aluya, PhD ( D.B.A.) Dr. Aluya holds many advance degrees. Dr. Aluya has a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Business Administration, with emphasis in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. Dr. Aluya graduated from the University of Fullerton with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration with concentration in finance. He was licensed under the California department of real estate from 1993 to 2013. As a researcher, Dr. Aluya has collaborated, organized, and have participated in various seminars with respect to the alternative energy industries such as biofuels, solar wind as pertains to nanotechnologies especially in the area of Smart Grid on Hydropower plants. Currently, his is also an information technology consultant on big data as the next disruptive intrusive technology. The global leadership component of implementing alternative energies from proposal to fruition led to his creating the rubrics and seminar for the "management and leadership seminar" at the University of Riverside, California. Dr. Aluya was an Adjunct Faculty Member of the University of Riverside and American Heritage University California since 2007, now on call. He shared cognition and experiences in advance business classes with learners and has severally chaired in dissertations, mentored doctoral learners within this span of time. In 2007, Dr. Aluya established the Journal of Disruptive Journal ( after publishing various articles in peer-review journals. The purpose of this journal was to serve as a conduit for global doctoral learners, colleagues and professionals to publish research articles that contribute to the body of knowledge in a way and manner that represents the researcher's work in the best possible light. Dr. Aluya is the Editor-In-Chief of this Journal. As a publisher, Dr. Aluya established the Aluya Institute of Strategic Management-Global Mind-shift ( At this institute, the following books were published: (a) Complexity of Leadership, Organizations and the Real Estate Industry: Disrupting Existing Systems, (b) Leadership, Real Estate and Disruptive Technology: Situational Technological Happenstances noted, this book was approved and distributed African universities in 2008, and 2nd Edition of this magnum opus work went live in July 2013, (c) Housing Phenomena in Abuja- Nigeria-A Case Study, (d) Housing in Sub-Saharan African Cities, (d) Disruptive Technology Meets the Biofuels Industry-Global Leadership Implications, (f) Nanotechnology, Solar, Wind, and Hybrid Alternative Energy-Global Leadership Perspectives, (g) The Influence of Big Data Analytics: Is Big Data a Disruptive Technology, (f) Origin of Man, Life and Mortality, all books published in the United States. Dr. Aluya is currently collaborating on a book and research on whether or not big data could be the component of disruptive technology via the Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Internet of Industrial of Things. Have authored and written various articles posted at (*notification_code=m8HcX8Yi) with over I million documents viewers. Dr. Aluya has over 12 years of experience peer-reviewer in many Journals such as Net Journal of Social Sciences, AIMS Energy Journal, Journal of Disruptive Technology and others. Prof (Dr). Aluya could be reached at: 714-488-5929





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