Neville O

Assistant Manager - 15 Years of Experience - Near WA4 2RY87


Assistant Manager

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PROFILE I am a Project engineer with over 15 years of work experience of successful directing and managing of multi million dollar projects in firms, performing management functions such as planning, scheduling, organising, procuring and construction, ensuring the successful completion of EPC projects with time and budget. I have a MSc in Project Management with Merit from the University of Portsmouth, UK, which includes business consultancy, project planning, logistics and product development, accredited and endorsed by the Association of Project Management. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES * Adept at leading and managing several departments through designing and construction stage of project cycle to plan, under tough deadlines to meet customers expectations. * Directing the recruitment process of project team and selection of subcontractors and outsource-vendors. * Defining the resources required for completion of the project and allocated resources accordingly. * Managing teams working on different interfaces of the project and resolving any areas of possible conflict. * Establishing goals and milestones as per the plan to achieve the desired revenue to be generated by the project. * Evaluating the timely performance of different departments working on a project and documenting the progress accordingly. * Assisting discipline engineers in documenting the project designs and making changes as per needs. * Ensuring that project was executed within established time period and have complied with the defined standards. * Establishing and executing Risk and Opportunity Register. * Monitoring construction, managed performance, and ensuring quality of work performed to company policy and customer satisfaction. * Responsibility for all aspects of contract deliverables, on-time delivery, and compliance in accordance with the codes and standards established in the statement-of-work. * Working with designers and project stakeholders to identify requirements and develop deliverables.


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